This Store’s Sign Has Obama Voters FURIOUS! You Have to See THIS!

VIA| This picture from a store front is going viral, with millions of views and likes across the internet.

And while it has to with the Confederate Flag, its bigger message is a shot at the left’s endless war on behalf of “political correctness.” America’s great history and accomplishments are always under attack by President Barack Obama and his supporters… which is why this store owner has had enough!

The sign face reads, “In the US you are free to live as you wish unless you’re white, straight, Republican, a gun owner, or Southern.”


Just today we learn that President Barack Obama is changing the name of a mountain in Alaska. Why? Because it’s named after a Republican president, so the mountain isn’t politically correct. Outrageous!

And no one focused on the gay rainbow flag the murderer had in his apartment in Roanoke, Virginia last week. That is a huge double-standard, when compared to the murders in South Carolina a few months ago.

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