This THUG Meant To ROB This Couple … However, GOD Had OTHER PLANS!

VIA| After watching this video, there should be no doubt left in people’s minds that God protects his children.

A surveillance camera captured something so fantastic the only explanation is that this was an act of God. It’s night time and we see two sets of couples walk down this street.

As soon as the second couple disappears from view a man emerges from the shadows, running. Suddenly he’s struck by lightning! Rendered immobile he lays motionless for a few moments composing himself.

This punk manages to stand again and continues in the same direction as the couple. Then out of nowhere he was struck by lightning again!

You might watch this video and say to yourself, “What are the odds that someone is THAT unlucky to be struck by lightning twice?!”

But I submit to you that the couple that he was intending to rob were extremely devout faithful Christians who look to God as their source and protection.

As much as this man intended to do this couple harm, he was no match for God and his angels.

He admitted to the doctors at the hospital that meant to rob that couple. Hopefully he gave his life to Christ that night, as he realized there were much larger forces at work in his life.