VIA| Imagine marrying the love of your life and having tragedy strike just seven months later. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to Danielle Davis. On a sunny July day in 2011, she was told that her husband had been involved in a horrific motorcycle accident. Matt was on life support and doctors were saying there wasn’t much hope.

Three years of life support and thousand of prayers from his wife later, Matt miraculously woke up. That’s when he uttered the two words his wife will never forget:

“I’m trying.”

Matt’s accident had come when he hit an illegally parked car while merging onto an interstate in Georgia. Matt was tossed off of his motorcycle at high speed and suffered broken bones and lacerated organs. But his wife never gave up hope, despite doctors telling her the extent of his brain trauma.

For years, Matt remained in a hospital bed, unable to speak. Danielle was always there. Danielle was always praying.

Doctors eventually told Danielle they had done all they could to help Matt recover, and it was time for the hardest decision of her life. Pull the plug, or keep fighting?

Danielle finally decided to let Matt continue his battle. “I knew God could get us through that,” she said. “I didn’t think it was too big for God.”

This recent video of Matt moving around on his own shows just how far he has come. He is making an incredible recovery.

Yes, that's Matt's butt.No need to scoot around the couch when you can stand up and walk. Thanks for all your support and love yesterday.Matt reads everything I post and all of the comments.He is so kind and loving and sweet and supportive. He really is a great man, all the way through to his bones. When we have hard days, actually everyday, we go to CrossFit. We hit things and lift things and sweat and cry and grunt. The days are still hard but we feel sore, so we know we are doing something about it and that makes the days just a little more bearable. #MattDavisRecovery#DitchtheChair#CFSteadFast

Posted by Matt Davis Recovery on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The moment he woke up can only be done justice when explained by Matt himself: “I saw her, and I was like, ‘yeah!’” Matt said.

Matt continues to make unprecedented progress in his recovery. He is living proof of what can happen by keeping the faith. God is great.