Thoughts To Ponder

ELDER PATRIOT – Was Barack Obama a Manchurian candidate?  Then Secretary of The Department of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, authorized Secret Service protection for Obama 9 months prior to the first Democratic primary qualifying as the earliest a potential candidate had ever received such protection.  Why?  By comparison, we are now less than 7 months from the first primary and Hillary Clinton is the only candidate currently being protected by the Secret Service, and only because she is a former first lady.  What made a first term senator with radical views for fundamentally transforming the United States so important?  Oops, I might’ve just answered that question.

What is it about Hillary’s backers that enables them to ignore her numerous and especially heinous scandals in their continued support of her?  My son passed over an appointment to West Point because he feared she would become president in 2008 around the time he’d be set to graduate.  Having watched Bill Clinton abandon a hundred of our elite soldiers in Mogadishu, Somalia, he wouldn’t permit himself to be a pawn for another Clinton.  I thank God everyday that my son made that decision as Madame Secretary’s abandonment of the Benghazi Embassy proved.

Am I the only one or do other people find the Army’s latest television ad campaign capitalizing history of the Fourth of July to be deceitful?  The Army wasn’t responsible for our independence.  Organized militias operating under the direction of General George Washington did the heavy lifting against the British.  The same organized militias that the Left continues to denigrate to this day in their efforts to gut the Second Amendment.  Our militias were the original homeland defense and continued to be recognized as such by foreign military leaders well into the twentieth century when Japanese Commander-in-Chief Isoroku Yamamoto rejected an order from the emperor of Japan to invade the United States.  His reason?  You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”  Kudos to those who continue that tradition today, especially in the face of the leftist mainstream media’s incessant character assassination of them.

Where’s the media coverage on Todd West?  Over the last few months this cretin killed 7 people.  I guess if it isn’t exclusively white on black murder there’s little benefit for advancing the left’s white racism agenda and therefore no reason for the media to report it.

Should the U.S. military’s consideration of purchasing 450 million rounds of hollow point bullets raise concerns for U.S. citizens?  We know they’re illegal for use in international warfare and with the U.S. government seeking to cede increasing levels of our sovereignty to foreign capitals, it’s doubtful those directing the military have intentions to use them abroad.  Considering Obama’s purge of our military’s most Constitutionally adherent generals, and his litmus test for firing on United States’ citizens as a condition for the promotion of their replacements, I’d say we have a lot to worry about.