THUG BLM Protestor Tries Blowing Whistle in Cops Face When THIS Ends up Happening…

VIA| Last night in Chicago a bunch of Black Lives Matter protesters attempted to tear down a Christmas tree, and shouted “f*** France.”

What else can you expect from people who advocate for the killing of innocent police officers?

In the clip below you’ll see a highly disrespectful man blowing a whistle into the face of a cop, while cursing…


Why wasn’t this guy arrested for harassing a police officer?

Why did the officer just sit there and take it?

I wouldn’t have!

We shouldn’t be giving in to these cretins by backing down. That’s the Obama method on radical Islam, and we all know how well that’s working out.

More than likely, the cop was told beforehand what he could expect on that night, and was told to not react.