THUG STEALS a Confederate Flag as Part of a New Challenge, but I Doubt He’s Laughing NNOW

VIA| A new challenge is now gaining popularity, and this one is bound to have it’s participants jailed or worse. It’s called the ” No flaggin challenge” or #noflagginchallenge. In order to participate in this challenge, you have to physically steal a Confederate flag from someone’s property.

A moron named Jamari Williams uploaded this video to YouTube and his Facebook page.  The video shows a black man running out of a vehicle and stealing a Confederate flag from a house that undoubtedly is not his. The two men laugh and drive off with the stolen flag. Obviously, the criminal didn’t think this through because the Facebook page of Jamari Williams says that he is from Sarasota Florida. I’m not the only one who picked up on that because the Sarasota police Facebook page has been BOMBARDED with comments and requests to have the men arrested. I’m not sure if it is in fact Jamari Williams in the video, but that seems to be the consensus among the people who have contacted the police. The video has over two million views on Facebook, and the most of the viewers are NOT happy with the prank.  One user wrote,

“Good way to get shot!!!! I don’t care what it is!!! you come on my property to steal….you leave in a body bag!!!!”

another viewer pointed out,

“Whats really stupid is that this flag isn’t even the actual rebel flag. Its the Virginia battle flag. And also whats ignorant is that people cant be mature enough to f*cking drop the 200 year old sh*t.”

This ridiculous “challenge” is even being attempted on cars in traffic. I suggest that if you have a Confederate flag on your car, or on your porch, keep an eye on it. The Sarasota police have not yet responded to the MANY comments by first amendment enthusiasts, but I’m sure they will have to soon and I’ll update when they do. Why someone would post a video of a crime being committed that shows their face is beyond me, but then again we all know that the people involved in these challenges are not the brightest.