Tools of Tyrants: Shepherding The Sheeple Using Manufactured Crises

ELDER PATRIOT –  The community of Mountain House California is one of 114 senior water rights holders that had access to their water supply summarily stolen by the State Water Resources Control Board when they received a curtailment notice this past Friday.  With only a couple of days supply remaining in the system this community is in crisis management.


Mountain House general manager Ed Pattison acknowledged, “We’re out there looking for water supplies as we speak.”  WHAT???  There’s either an available water supply or there’s not and in a truly free economic market limited resources are available to the highest bidder.  Had that been the case here, water resources would go to the highest bidders, long-term contracts notwithstanding.


So what happened here?


Apparently, Mountain House acted in a responsible manner by entering into a long-term agreement with the Byron-Bethany Irrigation District to guarantee this wouldn’t happen.  Long-term agreements stabilize consumer prices while insuring future access to supply.  They are the responsible way to manage cost effective access to necessary resources.  In this case water.  It’s also the fairest way.  Those who contribute the most earn the most thereby guaranteeing their access to the resources they require.


“This is not about being fair” excused Felicia Marcus the California State Resource control Board Chairwoman.  No Duh!  Karl Marx couldn’t have said it better.  There’s not a modicum of fairness in this arbitrary act.  The decision to overturn 250 years of contract law by an un-elected administrative board is sure to be tested in the courts and is certain to have future investors in California’s economy thinking harder about moving those funds elsewhere.  What then what was the motivation?


Here’s one man’s theories on why the free market wasn’t left to solve this problem in it’s own brutal but fair way;


  • The upward price adjustments necessary to stabilize the supply of water would put undo stress on the ruling majority’s constituency’s ability to pay for it.  The ruling majority cannot afford to see these dependent voters become electorally disenfranchised.
  • This further codifies the belief that government can solve all of the woes of this constituency.
  • Further indoctrinates the ignorant voting block to the precept of government having the authority to dismiss individual rights and long-standing law based on fiat.
  • Sends a loud message to residents everywhere that resources may be allocated based on the politics your community.  (Mountain House votes to the right of center by a large margin.)
  • Alerts businesses that necessary resources may be withheld from politically right-leaning communities.  The may serve to discourage thoughts of relocating there.  This may be akin to gerrymandering by extortion.


If you still believe that politicians care a wit about solving problems then you need to wake up.  Problems are the base of political campaigns.  Funding the “fix” is where they get the money to reward their donors and constituent bases.


Application of crisis development for political gain has become the lifeline for growing government on all levels.  Whether its immigration, education, financial matters, healthcare, or natural events like snow and drought, politicians seek not to solve problems but to monetize them for their personal gain.