ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – On this edition of Anime Fridays, I present my Top 5 List of Anime Swords.

Number Five:


Name:  Singer’s Sword

User:  Shu

Series:  Guilty Crown

Cool Factor:  Singer’s Sword is pulled from the chest of Inori (hot girl in the picture) from some other dimension by Shu (guy in the picture) via Shu’s special powers.  Singer’s Sword cuts through everything; robots, walls, bad guys, like they are made of paper.

Number Four:


Name:  Kusanagi no Tsurugi (Grass Mowing Sword)

User:  Orochimaru

Series:  Naruto

Cool Factor:  Orochimaru, the only villain on this list, draws the Kusanagi Sword by opening his mouth and extending a snake out of his throat, which then opens its mouth and produces the sword.  Cuts through almost anything, and sucks out the Chokra of opponents.

Number Three:


Name:  Yasutsuna (Gentle Crane)

User:  Himari Noihera

Series:  Omamori Himeri

Cool Factor:  This sword is a Katana from the Heian Period.  Honestly, the real cool factor here is the sexy cat girl who wields this sword.

Number Two:


Name:  Elucidator and Dark Repulser

User:  Kurito

Series:  Sword Art Online

Cool Factor:  Kurito is the only guy who can bring a sword to a gun fight, and still win.  Elucidator and Dark Repulser allow Kurito to defeat dungeon level Bosses with ease.

Number One:


Name:  Derflinger

User:  Saito

Series:  Zero Louise

Cool Factor:  Derflinger is a talking sword.  Not only does it talk, but it warns Saito of danger in combat by saying things like “Look to your front, Partner.”  Derflinger also makes jokes and gives unsolicited dating advice.  In short, Derflinger is a sword you could actually have fun with going out to have a beer.  But what really earns Derflinger the top spot is its ability to teleport Saito out of a hopeless situation when he is on the verge of death.