Is Turkey downing a Russian plane going to spark World War 3? That’s the question everybody has been asking today. The answer is: it’s going to spark a nuclear war, according to Russian defense analysts familiar with the downing of the jet.

The Turkish military said it had shot down a Russian warplane early in the morning on Tuesday, triggering a furious response from the Kremlin and escalating the already hot tensions in the Syrian conflict.

Turkey said two of their F-16s shot down the Russian Su-24 attack aircraft after it violated Turkish airspace, according to USA Today. The Turkish military issued 10 warnings in five minutes before bringing down the Russian jet.

However, Russia’s defense ministry denies the warplane ever breached Turkey’s airspace. NATO and U.S. defense officials later confirmed the Russian jet briefly entered the airspace of the NATO member – Turkey.

“As we have repeatedly made clear, we stand in solidarity with Turkey and support the territorial integrity of our NATO ally, Turkey,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said after an emergency meeting of NATO.

So what are the chances that Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to give a brutal response to the downing of Russia’s warplane by Turkish forces? According to Russian defense analysts, the chances are very high.

Despite the fact that Turkey is backed by NATO’s 5th Article, which states that an attack on one Ally shall be considered an attack on all NATO members, the chances that Putin will unleash a nuclear war over the Tuesday incident are very “likely,” according to Pavel Felgenhauer, Russia’s most respected military analyst.

Russia ‘likely’ to start nuclear war with NATO over the jet

Felgenhauer said Turkey is seeking to protect a zone in northern Syria controlled by its allies, the Turkmens, while the downing of the Russian jet in the region must prompt Moscow to either accept the zone or “start a war with Turkey,” which means starting a war with NATO.

And the only way Russia could win a war against NATO is by going nuclear, Felgenhauer said.

“It is most likely that it will be war,” said Felgenhauer, as reported by Mirror. “In other words, more fights will follow when Russian planes attack Turkish aircraft in order to protect our [Russia’s] bombers. It is possible that there will be fights between the Russian and Turkish navies at sea.”

Russia’s top defense analyst also warned that Ankara will probably shut down the Bosphorus, and other NATO members will join this conflict, thus unleashing an all-out war with Russia. The Bosphorus is the only way by which Russia’s mighty Black Sea fleet can reach the Mediterranean.

“And in such a conflict Russia has very little chance unless it uses its nuclear weapons,” Felgenhauer warned.

But a nuclear war involving NATO and Russia “would probably spell, if not the end of humanity, the end of any possibility of a comfortable future for humanity,” as reported by ValueWalk, citing Press TV’s interview with Don DeBar, U.S. political analyst.  READ MORE