VIA| The GOP establishment has been quietly trying to steal the Republican nomination from frontrunner Donald Trump for months, and now they aren’t even trying to hide their devious plot anymore.

According to Mad World News, the GOP establishment is planning to use Texas Senator Ted Cruz to ensure Trump does not get the 1,237 delegates he needs to capture the GOP nomination.

At this moment, Trump has 749 delegates, Cruz has 502, and John Kasich has 143. However, Marco Rubio still has 172 delegates, and these delegates are crucial to the establishment’s plan. The only candidate left who has a realistic chance of winning the 1,237 delegates is Trump. In order for Cruz to do that, he’d have to win almost every remaining primary, but Trump only has to win 56% of the rest of the delegates.

Mad World News reported:

This is not as unlikely as the TV pundits are reporting. If Trump can take it up a notch, going from his average 44% of votes in primaries to 56%, he will get to 1237. However, working against Trump is big bias in the form of the pundit class, pushing this idea that there will be a contested convention.

These hacks are hoping this hit journalism will panic Trump supporters, hoping to squash the phenomenal enthusiasm that marks the Trump campaign. Trump supporters scare the GOP hacks. They see them as vermin, as Ted Cruz pundit Erick Erickson stated recently in a tweet:


Reince Priebus, GOP Chairman, won’t rule out a nomination for John Kasich, who has no chance of ever reaching 1237. As we have stated, Cruz has no path to the 1237 either. He would have to win 89% of remaining delegates.

Priebus sets up the notion that a contested convention is likely, and “any” of the three remaining candidates can win. That is not the will of the people.

If Trump is short delegates, even though he has millions more votes than any other candidate, these GOP snakes will tell their delegates at the convention not to support Trump. This can happen after the first ballot, where delegates assigned to certain candidates must vote for that candidate. On the second ballot, they can then vote for whoever they want. This is how they will steal the nomination.

This means the will of the majority of voters is nothing. The GOP party bosses will decide who is the nominee, not the majority of voters.

It’s sickening that the GOP establishment is continuing to ignore the will of Republican voters. We’ve made it clear that we want Trump in the White House, so the GOP should make it happen!