ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – It’s Wednesday, November 11, 2015, and you know what that means:  It’s Trump Day!  Let’s take a look at what happened with the Presidential Race this week.

On Saturday, Donald Trump hosted Saturday Night Live.  Trump delivered as promised, boosting NBC’s ratings to its highest overnight audience share since 2012.  NBC scored a 6.6 household rating for the night, which was 47% higher than the season opener with Miley Cyrus and Hillary Clinton doing a five line cameo in one skit.

The best skit and line of the night came in a future preview of a Trump presidency in 2018.  The President of Mexico arrives at the White House to personally deliver to Trump a check to pay for the wall he built on the border of Mexico.

Trump took a jab at Hillary on the stump for her poor performance, noting that she stuttered through her five lines of dialogue while he, Trump, hosted the whole show without stuttering.  While you may be thinking that this is an inconsequential point, there is a larger context:  We have a President today who can’t even give a talk to elementary school kids without relying on his teleprompter.  Neither can Hillary.  It speaks to the genuineness and authenticity of the candidate.  If you can’t speak off the cuff, from the heart, you are probably a fake who is hiding what you really believe from the public.

This describes Hillary Clinton to a T.  There is nothing likeable about her, and unlike her psychopathic liar of a husband, she doesn’t know how to fake it like Bill.  Trump, meanwhile, continues to regularly fill stadiums with 10,000 people or more per rally, where he ONLY speaks off the cuff, in a highly effective conversational manner.  It’s not just the content of what Trump is selling (making America great again) it’s also in the delivery of the message:  Passionate, high energy, and heart felt.  There’s just no comparison to the wooden, robotic delivery of Hillary Clinton pedaling a pre-scripted, focus grouped message to carefully vetted, mindless party drones.  Hillary Clinton can’t even fill a small hotel ballroom.  When Barack Obama was running for President and filling stadiums, the Left Wing Press reported on every event.  Now that Donald Trump is doing the same thing, the same press lets it go unreported.

While on the stump, Donald Trump suggested a boycott of Starbucks because of their decision to do away with their Christmas seasonal cups this year, scrubbing all Christmas imagery and putting out a plain, blank red cup, suitable for all your communist or Maoist cadre gatherings this December.  Trump has promised that when he is President, “we’ll all be saying Merry Christmas.”  The subtext here is two-fold:  First, the Left’s war on Christmas will be rolled back.  Trump is not afraid to use the power of the Bully Pulpit in the Culture Wars.  Secondly, there is an implicit promise that Americans will be enjoying prosperity again and will be able to have a truly “Merry” Christmas.  This is in contrast to the utter retail catastrophe shaping up for this year, as perpetually unemployed and under employed Main Street America has no money to spend buying Christmas gifts this year.  The only suspense under the Christmas tree this year is who will be getting a pink slip in their Christmas stocking. 

In other quarters of the presidential race, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Politico all ran stories about Ben Carson, to the effect that he lied in his autobiography about getting a scholarship and applying to West Point.  The story quickly crumbled as a complete fabrication, echoing the attempt by CBS news to pedal forged documents alleging George W. Bush had gone AWOL while in the Texas Air National Guard. 

The Left Wing Media can’t get away with these false smears on candidates in the Internet Age.  That they continue to try anyway tells you all you need to know about their integrity and professional ethics:  They have none.  They are Democrat Party Operatives masquerading as journalists.  You can’t rely on the veracity of anything they say.  What we can draw from these desperate attempts at political character assassination is that the Democrats increasingly see Ben Carson as their biggest threat to Hillary Clinton.

Over on the Dark Side, there are conflicting reports on the status of the FBI criminal probe of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server.  At the heart of the matter are two Federal Bureaucracies, the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, and the Intelligence Community Inspector General, Charles McCullough.  McCullough was reported by the New York Times on September 7th to have found two emails on Clinton’s server that contained highly classified information.  Counter stories from the New York Post and Politico (a Clinton propaganda organ) are now surfacing that say that James Clapper has over-ruled those findings, although there has been no official statement to that effect coming from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Reading between the lines, it appears that Clinton Loyalists, who are spread throughout the vast Federal Bureaucracy, are trying to sideline the FBI’s investigation and sweep the whole thing under the rug.  It is fairly clear cut at this point that Hillary Clinton violated the Espionage Act numerous times.  Anyone else under these facts would have already been indicted by now.

As pointed out by Donald Trump, Hillary is running for President in order to be “too big to jail”.  As long as she is the presumptive Democrat nominee, it can be expected that a Democrat Administration will refuse to indict her.  Rumors are swirling in Washington that Barack Obama has met with Valerie Jarret to discuss a Presidential Pardon of Hillary in the event her crimes prove to numerous and blatant to prevent an indictment.  The theory here is that an indictment of Hillary would throw the Democrat Party and Washington Establishment into such an uproar that it would consume the rest of Obama’s presidency, something he presumably hopes to avoid.