Trump and Cruz Have the Republican Party On the Verge of Collapse

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at Burlington Memorial Auditorium in Burlington, Iowa, October 21, 2015. REUTERS/Scott Morgan - RTS5JXY

ELDER PATRIOT – If we ignore Donald Trump’s bold stand against the established political powers of both parties we may never have another opportunity to reclaim our country from the Globalists and moneyed interests.  The standing ovation in the House that accompanied the passage of Paul Ryan’s omnibus bill today tells you all you need to know about where this politburo is taking us.  Only Donald Trump has stood against them at every turn, putting his money where his mouth is at the same time.

An effort to mollify their donor base may be the reason they’re accelerating their legislative agenda prior to the 2016 elections.

There is no secret that the Republican establishment is gnashing their knuckles facing the growing probability of a Donald Trump presidency.  They’ve already made it public that high-level party insiders have been instructed by their billionaire donors to “get their house in order” or they’ll be supporting Hillary Clinton in the general election next November. 

Trump is well aware of this and is preparing himself for a brokered convention.  Party rules would empower the establishment to dismiss the will of the people unless a candidate had already secured two-thirds of all the delegates that were up for grabs during the primaries. 

If Trump is to be believed he will not go quietly into the night.  In 1988 Oprah asked him if he’d ever consider running for president.  His answer was only if he felt his country needed him.  If that is truly his motivation he is prepared for the fight.  Hopefully, the conservative movement that has collected so much of our money in the name of fighting the media, Obamacare, the attack on family values, and every other issue is preparing to join him.

Trump is expert in the “art of the deal.”  So, when Hugh Hewitt asked him if he’d run as an independent if the Republicans shafted him at the Republican National Convention he affirmed his commitment to the Republican Party.  At this time there would be absolutely nothing to be gained from saying otherwise.  However, that arrow remains in his quiver for use as leverage at a future date.  And, with internal polling showing Trump gaining support from Democrats he realizes the strength of his candidacy as well as anybody.

For Trump to avoid the brokering of the convention and win the nomination outright he will need 1237 committed delegates of the 1865 available through the caucuses and primaries.  This is an extremely tall order made deliberately so to discourage outsiders like Trump from even attempting such a challenge.  If Trump doesn’t win on the first vote all delegates are released from their commitments and the party can start “buying” the support of delegates wherever they can find it.  As George Carlin said, “It’s their party and you ain’t invited!” 

Party leadership has reserved 607 delegates under their control allowing leadership to promote a candidate to the nomination who has only secured the support of 629 delegates during the primary process.  That was their plan to secure the nomination for Jeb Bush but even with $100 million he won’t come close.  Bush’s complete collapse and Rubio’s inability to look presidential has left Mitt Romney as the party’s fallback candidate if they can keep Trump from reaching the magic number of 1237 during the primaries when the rank and file have control of the process.  That is why, after a brief fling with looking at jumping in after Jeb folded like a cheap suit, Romney has remained quiet waiting for the call from party leadership.

Complicating matters even more is the strength that Ted Cruz is showing.  Party leadership has as much enmity for Cruz as they do for Trump.  But, if Cruz peels enough support from Trump he will actually be helping the establishment achieve their goal of a brokered convention.

Together, Trump and Cruz present a strong political force that is showing the ability to return the Republican Party to the days of its popularity under Ronald Reagan.  The fact that leadership doesn’t embrace their ascendancy and a return to “Reaganism” tells you everything you need to know about leadership’s desire to serve their billionaire donors and not the needs of their rank and file voters.  It does, however, raise an interesting prospect.

Trump and Cruz have been the only Alpha males on the stage in the debates and their populist message is resonating with voters who realize that the differences between Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Republican field doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

In January of 2009, 23 conservative “leaders” met to discuss what to do about party leadership’s continued marginalization of their movement.  Leaving the party was discussed but they decided against that at the time.  Now may be the time.

If these conservative leaders coalesce around a Trump-Cruz ticket they would bring a tremendous amount of financial support and infrastructure that would truly be formidable to the launch of a third party.  And, if Cruz accepted the vice presidential slot the new party would begin its existence with the prospect of 16 years of leadership already in place.  Tea Party candidates would be available to present a complete slate of down ticket challengers. 

Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center and Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council are just two of the conservative leaders who can influence the votes of tens of millions of Americans through the trust and infrastructure they have built with their conservative followers.

The time is nearing for them to step up and do what’s right for America.  They can take their place among America’s great defenders if they choose to do so.  If they don’t seize this opportunity their names will be added to the list of feckless Americans who talked a good game until it was time to risk what they’ve built in the name of the cause they built it around.  Or worse, they will expose themselves as a front siphoning off conservatives money and energy all these years. 

We’ll soon learn a lot about these conservative leaders who often cite the greatness of the Founders, men were willing to risk their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor in order to form our conservative, Judeo-Christian nation.  Are these men made of the same mettle?  If they are, their reason for meeting in 2009 to sort through the carnage of the Obama election can be realized.

If the Republican Party rejects Trump and Cruz they will prove to be a party not worthy of the peoples’ support.  More significantly, a new party can emerge.  One that holds the promise of reinstating the conservative principles that once made America great.