Trump Bashed Bush’s Performance As Governor At Debate – Was He Right?

ELDER PATRIOT – Amidst all of the fireworks occurring during Saturday night’s debate Jeb Bush claimed he was a fiscal hawk while governor of Florida.  This has become a common theme on the campaign trail where he proudly recounts being called Veto Corleone by his adversaries in reference to his liberal use of the line item veto. 

Donald Trump would have none of this and called Jeb out for being a horrible governor.  So, who is telling the truth?

Jeb Bush wasn’t lying when he took credit for vetoing over $2 billion in spending, however, the budgets he signed into law tell a different story and prove that, once again, Trump was correct when he accused Jeb of being a big spender.


Bush’s last budget had grown 52% from the one he had signed only eight years earlier.  More importantly, the money wasn’t there to pay for his profligate spending and Florida’s debt wound up being increased by over 80%.


The people of Florida know Jeb Bush better than anyone and the Real Clear Politics average of all recent polls in Florida that shows they prefer Donald Trump (40%) to Bush (9%.) reflects that.

Donald Trump may be bombastic but he has consistently been correct is his criticisms of government policies and his political opponents.  Perhaps Trump’s demeanor is representative of how pissed off we all are at the entrenched ruling class.