Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Eugene, Ore., Friday, May 6, 2016. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Remember when the #NeverTrumpers said that nominating Donald Trump would “give” the presidency to Hillary Clinton?  Do you remember when Democrat operatives openly dared the Republican Party to “please give us Trump to run against”?  Well, they aren’t saying such things now.  A dramatic reversal in the mainstream national polls is indicating a massive shift in the electorate.  While Trump is steadily gaining support, Hillary Clinton’s numbers are cratering.

A May 17th poll by FOX News showed Trump at 45% and Clinton at 42%.  This was the first time Trump beat Clinton in a national poll, albeit at the edge of the margin of error.  Then the very next day Rasmussen dropped a bombshell with their poll showing Trump beating Clinton nationally by five points—42% to 37%, a lead that is beyond the margin of error.  A subsequent poll by ABC News/Washington Post showed Trump at 46% and Clinton at 44%.

This is a significant development for a couple of reasons.  First, if you compare the polling numbers from March, Trump has erased a double digit deficit against Clinton.  That is indicative of a seismic shift in the electorate.  Second it shows that, contrary to the continuous chorus in the media, Trump has still not peaked, and continues to gain support.  Third, national polls, while not being of much use to forecast a particular local race, are useful to gauge the overall mood of the electorate.  That gauge is saying that Trump continues to have “Big Mo” (Momentum) while Clinton seems to have stalled out.

Then there is the weekly news cycle, which from my perspective, portends well for Trump, and an utter catastrophe for Clinton.  Let’s review some of these items, from around the world:


1) Breitbart London reports that the “controversial” fence which Hungary erected on its Southern border with the Balkans has slowed the flow of migrants into Northern Europe to “a trickle”.  Hmmm…now I wonder how this news story might be relevant to the U.S. presidential election.  Wait!  Don’t tell me, just give me a minute more to think about it.  I seem to recall that somewhere in the distant past, Donald Trump mentioned building a wall on our Southern border.  That’s like a fence, right?  And Hillary Clinton has derided the idea.  I have only one thing left to say:  “I’m Donald Trump, and I approve this message”.

2) As I recounted in yesterday’s column, our open borders and “ship ‘em in as fast as possible” immigrant policy has resulted in an epidemic of tuberculosis breaking out all over the country, everywhere Obama’s Muslim refugees are plunked down (usually in secret).  When their kids catch TB from a Muslim migrant, who do you think all those Soccer/Security Moms are going to vote for?  Remember that Hillary is running as the 3rd term of Obama.  She is running as the status quo, stay the course candidate.  So everything that is a failure about Obama’s policies, Hillary will be held responsible for in the election booth.  “I’m Donald Trump, and I approve this message”. 

3) An Arizona sheriff is in the news today warning residents about Mexican Cartel Assassins now being an imminent threat to Americans in Arizona.  “The wall just got ten feet higher, and Mexico is going to pay for it.” –Donald Trump


4) A hamburger now costs $170 in Venezuela.  A country with more oil than Saudi Arabia now can’t keep the lights on, and people are reported to be hunting pigeons, dogs, and cats to eat to avoid starvation.  This is what your country looks like when it is run by a hard core Socialist (communist, really) like Bernie Sanders.  Or a college run by his wife.  “I’m Donald Trump, and I approve this message”.

5) Bernie Sanders is being quoted in the Associated Press that the DNC convention in Philadelphia could get “messy” and asserts:  “Democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle.”  Let’s examine this a bit more.  You don’t have to be a political genius on the order of a Metternich to figure out that at this point, Hillary Clinton has to name Bernie Sanders to be her running mate in order to heal and unite the Democrats for the General Election.  But is she doing that?  No.  Not Hillary.  Instead, she just rubbed a big steaming pile of “FU” in the faces of Sanders supporters by announcing publically that she is looking at “leading private businessmen” for her VP pick.

Let’s unpack that:  Businessmen?  That will go over well with your harpy third wave feminist supporters, Hillary.  Private business?  If there’s one guy on the planet this surely excludes, it’s Bernie Sanders, who didn’t earn a regular paycheck until he was forty years old.  And isn’t this an admission of weakness on the number one issue for voters, the economy?  Isn’t it an admission that Donald Trump has the most relevant and valuable life experience to voters?

So Hillary, the so-called smartest woman in America, isn’t smart enough to give Sanders supporters, roughly one half of her party and where 100% of the emotion and energy is, any gesture of reconciliation.  She won’t even throw them a bone.  What this tells me for the general election is that Hillary is throwing away a significant amount of her potential support base, and the rabidly anti-establishment types may just end up voting for Trump instead.  But to be fair to Hillary, Bernie’s demands include serious reform of Wall Street Banks, and since Hillary is a bought and paid for toady of those same Wall Street Banks, they aren’t going to let her make the smart choice.

wounded Hillary

6) The Guardian newspaper is reporting that: “Women from across the political spectrum, who often can’t agree on basic policy, are united in their opposition to Hillary.”  While Clinton still shows an advantage in the female vote, that advantage is weakening.  The cause is Trump’s mounting campaign against Bill Clinton, America’s first Rapist-American president, and Hillary’s role in silencing his victims.  While the pundit class clucks their tongues about how Trump is rehashing old news and old attacks that the Clintons survived before, they aren’t seeing the big picture:  Puritanical feminist Millennial women aren’t going to give the Clinton’s the Faustian pass that Gloria Steinem’s generation did.  Instead, they are going to be horrified, and repulsed.  At the same time, the Clinton meme of the “War on Women” that they have tried to apply to Trump has failed spectacularly.  Bill Clinton is telling panicked Dems to “just relax”.  Yeah, I’m sure that’s what you told your other rape victims too, Bill.

hitlery 1

7) For the Low Information Voters who get their news from Comedy Central, Hillary Clinton is now indelibly defined as an imperious, narcissistic, megalomaniac who lusts for the White House like Joffrey Lannister lusted for the Iron Throne.  That is the portrayal of Hillary by Katherine McKinnon on Saturday Night Live.  It is uproariously funny because it is based in a germ of truth about Hillary’s character.  This past Saturday’s opener even had Hillary and Bernie drowning their sorrows at a bar, where they both laughed about the Democrat Party nominating process being “totally rigged”.  For the Low Information Sanders supporters, that is now engraved in stone in their minds as the Truth.   


8) Salon has announced that Trump is going to win the election.  The online liberal news mag opines that “People are rising up against neoliberal globalization.  Trump represents capital, but also understands this reality.”  On this issue, Trump is a nationalist who is against globalization, and he tells voters he wants to bring back their jobs that fled overseas.  Hillary is the poster-girl for globalization, and tells coal miners that after she’s done bankrupting the coal industry and putting them out of work, she’ll be sure to offer them a Federal welfare check to make up the difference.  Did I mention that Sports Authority just announced they are going out of business?  Remember when the Clinton’s used to say “It’s the economy, stupid”?  The Associated Press is reporting today that:  “For the first time on record, living with parents is now the most common arrangement for people ages 18 to 34, an analysis of census data by the Pew Research Center has found.”  Who is the incumbent candidate?  Who’s looking stupid now?

In the 1960’s, Lyndon Johnson famously said that when he lost Walter Cronkite, he knew he had lost the war.  Well, when a Clinton loses Salon, they’ve lost the election.