ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – It is Wednesday, January 20th, and you know what that means:  It’s Trumpday!  Let’s get started.  During his speech at Liberty University in Virginia on Monday, Donald Trump stated:  “We’re going to get Apple to build their damn computers and things in this country instead of in other countries.”

For the record, Apple does assemble its Mac Pro computers in the U.S., although many of the components like the CPU is made in Taiwan.  But Apple’s big earning product, the iPhone, is made in China.  This work, farmed out to suppliers like Foxx Com, use virtual slave labor.

For its part, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently blamed the U.S. tax code as the reason Apple does not do more manufacturing in America, calling the U.S. tax code “awful for America.”  I’m sure Donald Trump would agree with this assessment.

This points to an essential underlying truth at work here:  The Federal government is the entity chiefly responsible for the loss of manufacturing jobs in America, due to its tax and regulatory policies.  Therefore, only the Federal government can undo the damage it has done.  Not only are our tax policies making our companies globally uncompetitive, but also trade treaties like NAFTA and the Trans Pacific Partnership, which are going to place the American Middle Class in direct competition with Asian Slave Labor that works for 18 cents an hour.

During last Thursday’s Republican Debate, Donald Trump touted his plan to use import tariffs to protect American workers, and American markets.  Trade Protectionism has a bad name in Washington, and Trump rivals were quick to point out that tariffs raise consumer prices.  What the critics miss is that in the long term, tariffs protect domestic markets and workers by encouraging foreign manufactures to build plants, and create jobs, here, to get around paying those tariffs.  It was precisely such tariffs that were erected in the 1970’s and 1980’s to protect American domestic car makers.  What ended up happening is that foreign companies like Nissan and BMW built car plants in America, benefiting both auto workers and consumers alike.

Could a President actually make Apple move manufacturing to America?  “Make” is probably the wrong word, because large corporations, more than anyone else, are able to pull up stakes and leave toxic business environments.  But there are plenty of policy levers that a President Trump could use to “entice” and “encourage” a company like Apple to invest in manufacturing in America instead of the sweatshops of China.


In that same speech at Liberty University, Donald Trump correctly quoted a passage of the Bible, 2 Corinthians 3:17, but said “Two Corinthians” instead of “2nd Corinthians”.  The Leftmedia is now pedaling this as some sort of horrible gaffe which will lose Donald Trump support among Evangelicals.  Puh-Leaze!  I’ve never heard of a more ridiculous, inconsequential, non-issue in my life!  This from a Presstitute news corps that says nothing when Obama recites the Pledge of Allegiance or the Declaration of Independence and removes God from the quote.  The public needs to tune out these naked propagandists.

A new ARG poll of the Republican Race in New Hampshire had a surprising result, showing John Kasich pole vaulting out of obscurity and into second place behind Donald Trump at 20 points.  This does not appear to be a complete outlier, with three out of four polls showing Kasich in second place.  This is bad news for the other Establishment candidates of Rubio, Christie, and Bush who are all fighting over the same pool of “moderate” Republican voters in New Hampshire.

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On the Democrat side of the race, the Democrats held a debate on Sunday night while the rest of America was at football parties.  Even among football eschewing Democrat Nerds, more of them preferred to watch the fantasy Hollywood version of Hillary, i.e. the CBS show “Madam Secretary”, than those who tuned in for the DNC “debate”.

Once again, the Dem debate finished early.  That’s what happens when your media allies feed you all the softball questions in advance, and you recite your trite, memorized answers too fast.

The real drama in the Democrat race continues to be the FBI investigation of Email-Gate.  The FBI has now assigned over 150 agents to the case.  The number of emails improperly containing classified materials is well over 2,000, and there is now a smoking gun memo, written by HRC herself, instructing underlings to remove classification markings from secret government reports, in order to fax them over unsecured lines.

The word on the street in Washington is that the FBI is taking its time to make an unassailable case against Mrs. Clinton, one that Attorney General Lynch will be unable to ignore or sweep under the rug when the FBI request for an Indictment drops on her desk.  We shall see.

Meanwhile, Uber Socialist Bernie Sanders is threatening in the polls to be poised to win the first elections in Iowa and New Hampshire.  Will the apple cart of another Hillary Coronation be over-turned?  Will it be due to the sudden Democrat Party flirtation with Totalitarian Socialism?  Or will it be a Frog March in Handcuffs at the hands of the FBI that does in the Harrowed Heroine, Hillary?  Or will a Presidential Pardon from Obama and the Power of Chutzpah allow Hillary to power through yet another scandal?  Stay tuned as this slow motion cliff hanger grinds on.