ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means:  It’s Trump Day!  Time to go over the state of the 2016 Race for the Presidency.  Let’s get started.

“I’ll bomb the shit out of them!” roared Trump before a crowd of 12,000 in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Trump also promises to put mosques in America under close scrutiny—something that was done under the Bush Administration but was suspended by Obama.  This makes Saudi financed mosques that preach “death to America” the only place in America that ISN’T under NSA surveillance.  It is only a matter of time before what happened in Paris happens in America.

Trump held a rally of 10,000 supporters in Springfield, Illinois, a week ago.  Three days ago Trump spoke to 8,000 in Beaumont, Texas, and more recently spoke to 12,000 in Knoxville, Tennessee.  No other candidate is putting up those kinds of numbers of rally attendees, with that frequency.  Have you heard about this from your Media Outlet? 

Putting the safety of America first is what a President is supposed to do.  Not importing a hundred thousand unvettable and highly likely to be Jihadist Muslims ought to be a patently obvious thing to do, but we do not live in an era when our leaders can grasp the obvious.  For Obama, having an open heart towards Syrian refugees is his first priority, besides fighting the phony global warming hoax from which he, as an investor in Chicago’s Carbon Credit Exchange, would handsomely profit from.

Closing down Radical Mosques that function as terrorist bases of operation ought to be obvious too.  But, as usual, only Donald Trump has the courage to say so.

We all know what Obama is really doing with the so-called Syrian “refugee” crisis.  He’s using it as cover to import violent Muslim Jihadis.  It’s a form of false flag attack where the government allows dangerous terrorists into an area unimpeded, knowing that eventually they will carry out a terrorist attack.  This is then used to take more of our liberties away from us.

Think I’m being harsh?  Well, so far Obama has brought in 2,098 Syrian Muslims into the United States, and only 53 Syrian Christians.  It was the Christians who were being massacred by ISIS, not the Muslims!  While we can be fairly confident that persecuted Christians will not start doing suicide attacks in American shopping malls this Christmas season, there is no data and no information on these Muslims to even do a proper vetting.  It’s not hard to predict what a scorpion will do if you put one in your bed next to you.  Obama hates America, and he is putting scorpions in our beds, literally.

Twenty-six state Governors, and counting, are saying they don’t want these Syrians.  House Speaker Paul Ryan came out today and called for a “pause” in the importation of Syrians.  House Republicans are drafting a bill to defund the program.  Attorney General Lynch has acknowledged we aren’t prepared or have the ability to vet them.   

In the face of all this, Obama announced his intention to increase the number of Syrians he plans to import into America will go from 10,000 a year to 100,000 a year.  In 20 years Obama will transplant the entire country of Syria, and all of its violence, into American communities.

The Democrat Candidates for President, Her Royal Thighness, Hillary Clinton, and her two strawman retainers, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, have all vowed to continue Obama’s plan for importing Syrians into America.  They have also all kowtowed to the radical Black Lives Matter movement.  So if you’re white or Asian, you are on notice that the Democrat Party doesn’t think that your life matters.

The Polls:  Trump has surged to 42% in a Reuters National Poll, but individual state polls show a much closer race between Donald Trump and Ben Carson.  A November 15th Gravis poll of the New Hampshire GOP 2016 race shows:  Trump 29, Carson 7, Rubio 10, Cruz 12, Kasich 5, Bush 8, Christie 8, Fiorina 4, Paul 5, Jindal 1, Huckabee 1, Pataki 0, Santorum 0, Graham 0.

Oh, did I say the state polls were closer?  Well, a November 13th Florida Times Union poll of the Florida race shows:  Trump 23, Carson 22, Rubio 18, Cruz 12, Bush 11, Fiorina 5, Kasich 3, Christie 3, Huckabee 1, Paul 1, Jindal 0, Santorum 0, Graham 0, Pataki 0. 

A November 13th FOX 5/ Morris News poll of the Georgia Republican Primary shows:  Trump 24, Carson 26, Cruz 14, Rubio 9, Fiorina 6, Bush 8, Huckabee 2, Kasich 2, Paul 1, Christie 4, Graham 1, Jindal 0, Santorum 0, Pataki 0.

A November 12th University of Texas / Texas Tribune poll of the Texas Republican race shows:  Trump 27, Cruz 27, Carson 13, Bush 4, Rubio 9, Fiorina 4, Huckabee 2, Paul 4, Christie 1, Kasich 1, Santorum 1, Jindal 0, Pataki 0.

South Carolina:  Trump 25, Carson 21, Rubio 13, Cruz 15, Bush 8, Fiorina 5, Kasich 3, Huckabee 2, Graham 2, Paul 2, Christie 1, Santorum 1, Jindal 0.

New Jersey:  Trump 31, Carson 16, Rubio 15, Christie 8, Cruz 7, Bush 4, Fiorina 4, Kasich 3, Paul 1, Jindal 1, Santorum 1, Huckabee 0, Pataki 0, Graham 0

One thing is for sure:  Jeb Bush seems to be the solid 5th place choice no matter where you look across America!

One more note about the polls.  The McClatchey/Marist group are putting out a series of polls all showing that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both beat every single Republican candidate nationally.  I call BS on these polls.  I don’t believe them for a single minute, and neither should you.

Clinton’s emails while Secretary of State continue to be a treasure trove of bad news for the Democrat Empress Apparent.  This week’s revelations included private emails from Huma Abedin, HRC’s right hand woman, that flatly state that Hillary spent most of her time as Secretary of State in a State of Confusion, not knowing her own meeting schedule on any given day and having to be held by the hand constantly by aides.  Rumors are floating in Washington that Hillary spends most of her time in a prescription medicine induced euphoria—which would explain why she cannot go campaign before large crowds, cannot appear before anyone other than carefully chosen squads of party drones, and cannot speak (including taking crowd questions) other than in a pre-scripted setting.

Donald Trump is setting large crowds on fire.  Hillary Clinton hides from large crowds and can’t attract any, either.  In a Trump/Clinton match up, put your money on Trump.