ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – It’s Wednesday, January 5, 2016, and you know what that means…It’s Trumpday!  Let’s get started.

On January 2nd, Donald Trump held a rally in Biloxi, MS, filling the Colosseum in Biloxi with a stadium capacity crowd of 14,000 supporters.  Supporters queued up in long lines to get into the event which lasted several hours.  Once again, the Stump for Trump Duo of Diamond and Silk whipped up the crowd.  “There is only one race: the human race, as all of our lives matter in this room.”  With that, these two black women did more to repair race relations in this country than the entire Democrat primary field, who have all kowtowed to the Black Lives Matter mob, who insisted that the Democrat candidates all swear fealty to the idea that black lives, and only black lives, matter.  Democrats can run on any positions they want, but don’t be surprised when you lose the white vote.

Donald Trump called out the CNN cameraman for not showing the size of the crowd. 

Biloxi Colloseum

Donald Trump, vowing not to take anything for granted, is spending $2m on a new ad campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire.  That ad features his call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, a position that is resonating in the Heartland, even if it causes pinched noses in the Salons of Manhattan and Washington, D.C.  Asked why Donald Trump seems to be the only one taking “very aggressive” stances on issues from immigration to radical Islam, Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski says, “It’s about leadership,” in an interview on Breitbart News Daily. 

Trump continues to do well in national and state-wide polls.  A poll taken by The Economist on the direction of the country on December 28th showed that only 26% of those polled think the country is on the right track, while 66% thinks the country is on the wrong track.  This is bad news for Hillary Clinton, whose campaign platform pretty much stands for a continuation of current policies.

The New York Times has reported that the greatest single segment of Trump supporters are disaffected Democrats.  As I wrote about previously, a Clout Research poll shows Trump doing very well with minorities, garnering 40% of the black vote, 45% of the Hispanic vote, and 19% of the Asian vote.  This is the kind of voter coalition not seen since the 49 state landslide win by Ronald Reagan over Walter Mondale.

The Palace Guard Media keeps talking about how hard it will be for Trump to get his supporters to turn out and vote for him.  This is the kind of cognitive disconnect that only delusion and denial can produce.  Supporters who will wait hours in line to get into Trump’s record overflow rallies, and then stay hours longer to hear Donald Trump speak extemporaneously from the heart, are the kind of Broken Glass Republican voters who are the most motivated to turn out and vote.

lines of supporters

Trump supporters line up and wait to enter a Trump Rally in Biloxi, MS

Meanwhile, have you ever heard of Hillary Clinton holding a rally of 14,000 supporters?  She’s lucky if she can fill a high school gym.  At her last event Hillary was heckled by a rape survivor.  Looks like the War on Women meme is already wearing thin, rubbed threadbare by the sand paper of Hillary’s unlikeable personality.  The heckler was Republican New Hampshire state representative Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien, who represents Derry in the state’s sixth legislative district.  She was surrounded by Secret Servicemen at the rally, in an attempt to intimidate her.  Prudhomme-O’Brien is now reporting, according to Brietbart News, that her children are being threatened by Clinton supporters:

“I need to watch my back.  I need to watch my car.  I need to watch my kids”, she said, reciting anonymous emails she has received.  Sounds to me like they were dictated by Hillary Clinton herself.  That’s how the Clinton Crime Family rolls.

Hillary and her media allies are now waging a deceptive campaign of misleading half-truths over an Al Shabaab recruitment video that has some footage of Donald Trump.  This is an attempt by Hillary to rebound after being caught in a lie about ISIS using footage of Donald Trump in recruitment videos, stated during the last Democrat Debate that nobody watched.

What the bleating sheep of the Leftmedia ignore is that Hillary, Bill Clinton, and Black Lives Matter are also featured in the same recruitment video.  The idea that “normal, peace loving Muslims” can be pushed over the edge into joining violent jihad movements over Donald Trump calling for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration just proves Trump’s point for him:  If that is all it takes, these people are dangerous to public safety and should be kept out.  If you cannot tolerate free speech and public policy debate, you don’t belong in America.

Speaking of Bill Clinton, he has hit the campaign trail for Hillary in New Hampshire to poor reviews.  The Wall Street Journal reports his performance as “subdued” and that Bill is “the Big Dog who has been fixed”, meaning neutered.  It’s hard to be confident when you’re watching your mirror twin, Bill Cosby, being criminally prosecuted on the same sort of rape allegations that have been leveled against Bill.  Plus, Donald Trump has already been shooting warning shots across the bow of the SS Clinton, and it seems to be working to neutralize the Democrat “War on Women” meme.  Real Clear Politics is reporting that Hillary has declared a New Year’s resolution to ignore Donald Trump.  That will only allow Trump to define her.  It is a sign of weakness.

The number of classified documents found in Hillary’s emails now number over 1200.  But don’t expect Obama’s InJustice Department to prosecute her like they did General Petraeus.

Obama’s first executive orders on gun control turn your doctor into an official government snitch, including providing governmental immunity from liability.  Admit to depression, or state a mild objection to unfettered Muslim immigration, and your doctor is free to use that to declare you to be a “Mental Health Risk” or “Islamaphobe” that the government can then use to take away your 2nd Amendment rights.  Naturally, there is no hearing, due process, appeal, or procedure to get you off these no buy lists.  Just an anonymous word from a doctor—who may just be miffed at you because you owe him money.  Obama and the Democrats don’t care about the 4th, 5th, or 14th amendments when it comes to your right to own a gun, only when they are minting new “rights” for homosexuals to get married.  Hillary promises to “build” on what Obama has started, and she has further campaigned on a platform calling for total gun confiscation.  I think that is a dead loser when you’re running for President, but the media continue to put out push polls saying Hillary is beating Trump.  Don’t believe it.

The Republican Primary field has united in their opposition to Obama’s expected executive orders on gun control.  Even Jeb Bush came out against the idea.  Chris Christie called Obama out for acting like a dictator or a king, because he can’t get his way in Congress.  Expect Obama’s end-of-term over reaching to dominate the political discussion in the weeks to come.