Trump Goes Head On Against The King Makers In The Battle Of Wisconsin

ELDER PATRIOT – The King Makers of the Republican Party have been waging war against Donald Trump for all of the nine months since he announced his hostile takeover of the party when he made public his intention to hold them accountable for three decades of failing to deliver on the solutions they had promised the American people.  On the most important issues, immigration, national security, terrorism, unbalanced trade deals, and jobs, debt and the economy they had lied to us about representing our interests.

Trump was able to bring the heavy artillery to his assault on their entrenched positions because the King Makers had left it all behind in the form of empty promises.

Unable to match Trump on the issues they attacked him for being “un-presidential.”  They unleashed their minions in the mainstream media to develop a false image of him as xenophobic, Islamophobic, racist, and misogynistic.   

Trump ignored these attacks preferring to bring substance over form to each primary battle.  Just like George Patton, Trump dismissed the political correctness that others demanded from him and he marched to one primary victory after another.

Today Trump marches on Berlin in the form of the Wisconsin primary.  This is the party’s last fortified position and they have brought everything they have left in their arsenal to bear in this fight.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was once chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party.  Between him, Paul Ryan (R –Wisconsin) and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker they will mobilize every available ground troop in an effort to save what’s left of the Cruz campaign.  They are armed only with character smears (that no one around Trump corroborates) leaving them slinging mud at Trump.  This is Ted Cruz’s vaunted ground game.

Trump has brought massive airpower conducting an overwhelming bombing campaign in the form of issues, issues and more issues.  He will also be aided by the underground resistance who have been perhaps the nation’s most aggrieved victims of the Republican Party’s sellout to the globalist movement.

Whether Trump succeeds in his Wisconsin campaign or not, the war will soon come to an end.  His Troops are well positioned for the battles that lie ahead making all talk of Cruz gaining momentum from a win in Wisconsin akin to Baghdad Bob telling his listeners that Iraq was successfully resisting U.S. forces while those forces were busy overrunning the deceitful regime for which he spoke.

More importantly, whatever dirty tricks the Republican slime machine decides to use against Trump when they convene in Cleveland, they have lost their hold on that slice of the electorate who trusted them even while they were being delivered for sacrifice to the alter of the globalists.  The light of truth has been shone on their massive organization that had been founded on deceit.  It signals the end of the Republican Party as we know it.

Do they have the sense to surrender and help Trump rebuild America (and in the process the Republican Party) or will this spend their last remaining days in their bunker wondering what went wrong?