Trump Has Destroyed The Left-Right Paradigm Used To Controll You

ELDER PATRIOT – The carefully constructed Left-Right paradigm that had been generations in the making is crumbling thanks to leading presidential candidate Donald Trump.  Ostensibly created to represent the divergent views of the American people, it’s true purpose was and remains to divide us along ideological lines and then bind us there. 

This has resulted in stark and raw policy differences during political campaigns but little change to benefit the people no matter which ideological argument carried the election.  Instead we have experienced the uninterrupted growth of an oligarchy controlled by banks, corporations and well-heeled international interests.

Final proof of this has been the desperation exhibited by both establishment Republican and establishment Democrats as their candidates have, for the first time in decades, faced serious insurgent challengers.  The Democrats’ disdain for their rank and file has been exposed by their superdelegate rules which renders the voting process virtually moot and has paved the way for the Elite’s candidate to assume her “rightful” position as party leader in the November election. 

The big-moneyed interests on the Republican side are yet to derail Donald Trump’s candidacy and it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that they can.

Trump packs arenas and stadiums while his opponents are happy to fill auditoriums and gymnasiums.  The first two primaries and the first two caucuses saw turnout by Republican rank and file voters hit record levels that were 35% above levels previously attained for these same events.

For his part, Trump has positioned himself to the right of either of the party’s last two candidates, John McCain and Mitt Romney on issues of greatest importance to both Republican voters and the American people in general.  The result has been found in polls that show Trump will easily get 20% of Democrats to cross party lines to vote for him in November.  That number is more likely to grow, than not.

So, Trump offers the party the opportunity to greatly broaden their appeal and therefore their strength but instead he has been met with loathing and a telling desperation to find a way to put an end to his freight train candidacy.  Why is this?

Business and industry is governed by the desire to appeal to the broadest spectrum of potential buyers but, as in everything else, government and the political parties that have grown up around it isn’t interested in sound business decisions, or the voters.

Government and the political parties that function as shepherds charged with delivering their flocks to slaughter every four years serves the interests of corporatists, banksters, and globalists that in return make those shepherds who do their bidding into rich, very rich people.

Trump doesn’t need their money.  The fact that he doesn’t want their money threatens their control of the system.  When challenged, Trump has steadfastly doubled down on broaching “taboo” issues and proven to the American people his willingness to fight for them.

Whether Trump turns out to be a great president cannot be known at this time but that is not of paramount importance to his supporters.  He offers the people a chance to take their government back from the world’s powerbrokers.  At least if Trump is elected we might get control of a portion of our country back and then live to fight again in a future election.

No one can believe that Boy Marco, the candidate the kingmakers have crowned as their last best hope to stop Trump, will be a great president.  They have settled on him because they are certain they can control Boy Marco if he’s president since they have successfully “owned” him any number of times during his time in the U.S. Senate.  The Ruling Globalist Elite have almost achieved their goal for total domination over the people of the world.  A Rubio presidency brings them a giant, if not final, step closer to the enslavement of the once free American people.

Fortunately the people have awaked to the Elite’s game plan and are soundly rejecting the establishment’s candidates and the Left-Right paradigm that had been used to enslave them.  This is illustrated by the “Drudge Poll” that runs after every debate.  It’s not a scientific poll by any measure but the fact that voting starts even before the debates have ended, and Trump has dominated all ten of the polls by wide margins, serves to show that Trump’s supporters are immune to the kind of attack politics that now appears to be the only arrow left in the establishment’s quiver.  The man has transcended the issues and is supported for what he represents – rejection of establishment control in it’s entirety.

Tens, maybe hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent developing and perpetuating the myth of the Left-Right paradigm and the “ideological” purity that it demands of the rank and file of both sides.  The people are no longer buying the party’s line and the Elites are panicked.  Not because Hillary might be president, they’re fine with that but because Trump will be president.

The Founders warned us that if a two-party system ever developed the parties would devolve into repositories of corrupt men.  Once again their prescience has been exhibited.

For those who value personal freedom, Constitutional governance and who support Trump, the words of Margaret Thatcher are best remembered:  “this is no time to go wobbly.”