TRUMP: “I WOULD BOMB The #[email protected]& OUT OF THEM”

VIA| Donald Trump is the leading figure of change in the current political climate, constantly championing every single conservative cause while not really describing any actual plans – more just vague, popular ideas. But people are eating it up, enjoying every second of his fascinating campaign and unorthodox methods.

Both his plans and his unorthodox methods came together in a frenzy during a recent speech to a charged-up crowd in Iowa. Trump must have been pretty excited himself, letting it “slip” that he wants to “bomb the **** out of ISIS.” And you know what? Plenty of intelligent people agree – sorry left-wingers (not really).

Trump is going to say what he wants to say, and there isn’t a thing that anybody in the world can do about it. Despite this typically hurting his reputation, I think it actually makes him a better candidate for president than any other.

He isn’t going to be bought  out, or sell his soul for more time in office. Trump is one of the only candidates who hasn’t made a career out of being a politician simply because he has actually been successful in the other ventures in his life. He doesn’t need the government salary to survive like so many other fake politicians.

Trump just wants America to be a better place and that’s all we should desire out of a President. Are we really going to make the same mistake as last time and elect someone solely because they are “different” than the other candidates? Unless we vote in Trump, prepare for 8 more years of the same – just in a pantsuit this time.

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