ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – It’s Wednesday, June 8, 2016, and you know what that means:  It’s Trumpday!  Let’s get started.

The latest imbroglio/media smear attack on Donald Trump has been to distort and dishonestly report that Donald Trump has attacked a Federal Judge simply because he is Hispanic.  As always, the Left MUST distort policy disputes into a Race War, because the Race Card is one of the few cards it has left to play.  The truth is far different.

In a nutshell:  Judge Gonzalo Curiel is the Federal District Court Judge who is hearing the lawsuit that has been brought against Trump University.  He is also associated with a legal group, Lawyers for La Raza, with the Hispanic fascist, racial supremacist group, La Raza. 


La Raza literally means “The Race”, in this instance, the Hispanic Race.  Their motto is:  For The Race, everything, for those outside “The Race”, nothing.  La Raza, ideologically, is the text book definition of a racist, racial supremacist group.  They are merely Nazis with Spanish accents.  They advocate territorial acquisition by force, and ethnic cleansing.   The founder of La Raza has named white people as the enemy, who need to be killed in order to establish native Mexicans as the rulers of a new racist political entity.


La Raza is a racist group that wants to seize the American South West, and in fact a bit more, and create a new political entity known as Aztlan.  La Raza has explicitly proclaimed as its goal the seizure of the American Southwest, and the expulsion of whites from the territory.   



La Raza members wear uniforms in a paramilitary style. 

La Raza has explicitly named white people as their enemy, and that they are willing to exterminate white people through murder to achieve their goals.


If this Judge was up for selection to be empaneled on a Jury, an attorney would rightly strike Curiel FOR CAUSE, the cause being that Curiel has an association with racial advocacy groups that indicate he cannot act in an impartial manner when the race of litigants is concerned.  Judges are held to an even higher standard, that they must not even have the “appearance of impropriety”.  Judge Curiel’s association with “Lawyers for La Raza” is no different than an association with “Lawyers for the Klu Klux Klan”.  Both are virulently racist groups that advocate racial supremacy and racial exclusion.

Donald Trump has every right, and every reason, to question Judge Curiel’s ability to be fair and impartial in the Trump University lawsuit, just by virtue of Trump being white and having blue eyes, much less due to the fact of his political stance that favors deportation of Mexican illegals.  It’s hard to see how Judge Curiel could remain a member in good standing of La Raza, and still rule in favor of Donald Trump in the case.

By any objective standard, Judge Curiel should have recused himself from hearing the case.  By any traditional standard of impropriety, any person who is a member of La Raza or associated with La Raza, has no business being a Judge at any level of the judiciary system.  His continued tenure on the bench is an affront to the very notion of a fair and impartial justice system.  His presence is akin to a KKK Grand Dragon being the judge to hear the police shooting case in Ferguson, Missouri.


Oh, and over on the even Darker Side of politics, Hillary Clinton leaned on enough Super Delegates to “clinch” the Democrat nomination hours before the polls opened in California yesterday.  The power play was obvious:  Deflate the ardor of Bernie Sanders supporters in an effort not to lose the California state primary.

Meanwhile, a new book by former Secret Service agents indicate that Hillary Clinton was absolutely bat shit crazy while she was First Lady in the White House in the 1990’s.  Does anyone care?