VIA| Conservative Donald Trump is leading the polls for the GOP nomination. And at a recent campaign stop in Virginia, he pointed out a fact about President Barack Obama that you probably missed.

After reminding us that Obama is the “worst thing that has ever happened to Israel,” Trump noted that Obama likes to refer to Iran’s Ayatollah Khameni as the “Supreme Leader.”

Trump believes that the American President calling a dictator the “Supreme Leader” could be a treasonous act.

“He called him the Supreme Leader: ‘Yes, today we talked to the Supreme Leader.’ I’m never calling him the Supreme Leader. Believe me,” Trump said. “When I meet him, I’ll say ‘Hey, hi you doing?’ But I will never call him — can you imagine this guy — he’s calling him the Supreme Leader.”

Via The Washington Examiner

Trump also noted how dangerous the Iran nuclear deal is. Iran got everything they wanted, which is why Trump is certain that within 10 years, Iran will have nuclear weapons. “Israel is really in trouble,” Trump noted, but he would change that if he won the election.

Clearly, Obama’s unusual language about Iran’s leader should make us ask many questions about his allegiances and interests. We have a staunchly anti-Israel President who is willing to defer to the Muslim world while using the most flattering title for a brutal dictator. This is absolutely an act of treason, and it’s not something a “Leader of the Free World” would say.

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