VIA| There is no question why conservative presidential candidate Donald Trump is leading in the polls: because he stands up for Americans in ways that politicians in both parties would never dare!

Trump is a billionaire, but he stands with workers and families who have seen the harmful effects of illegal immigration and bad trade deals. President Barack Obama has failed workers, and Trump is ready to do something about it.

In an exclusive interview, Trump just took a shot at Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) for his pro-amnesty stance while SLAMMING Disney for hiring cheap foreign workers. This is incredible!

H1-B visas are highly controversial, as they allow foreigners to replace American jobs on our soil. Rubio wants to expand the program, while Trump fired back in a huge way. As Trump opined:

I am calling TODAY on Disney to hire back every one of the workers they replaced, and I am calling on Rubio to immediately rescind his sponsorship of the I-Squared bill and apologize to every Floridian for endorsing it.


I am further calling on Rubio to return the money he has received from Silicon Valley CEOs and to donate the money to a charity helping unemployed Americans whose jobs Rubio has helped to destroy.

President Trump told the interviewer that if he is elected, he will never give H-1B visas to companies that fire American workers and replace them with foreigners. President Trump would use the Department of Justice to go aggressively after them. As Trump noted, “We have a surplus of talented Americans and we need them to get jobs first.”

Could you imagine President Obama saying this? Of course not!