ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – For several long months, the Forces of Evil, a.k.a. the Liberal Media, Democrats, and the Beltway Establishment in both parties, have been putting out the meme that Donald Trump is a “racist”.  Because in 2015 America, wanting to enforce the border and our immigration laws makes you a “racist”.  The Left has done everything it can to make Donald Trump be seen as a walking confederate flag.  It has been such a coordinated assault, that we even saw local high school districts banning anyone from wearing a Trump T-Shirt or cap saying “Make America Great Again”.  Reason?  Trump is “racist”.  See, you can just delegitimize and make radioactive the front runner of the Republican Party, and the voice of Conservatives, just by playing the Race Card.  No hearing or trial to be held, no opportunity for defense of your good name, just a diktat from the Leftist Star Chamber.  That’s the kind of politics faced by conservative patriots in America these days.

It’s just the latest iteration of the Race Card that DemocRats always play against Republicans.  But unlike past Republican candidates, The Donald is not going to let himself be defined by the Left without a fight.  Thus, the summit in Norcross Georgia this week where Donald Trump met with a number of Black Pastors.

Coming out of that summit, Trump is claiming that most of the 100 black pastors are endorsing his candidacy, although he did acknowledge that they are under tremendous pressure from the Left not to do so.  Considering the stink that immigration activists made over Trump hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live, having a large number of black pastors endorsing Trump for President must be making a number of heads explode among the PC crowd.  Good.

One of the attendees was Darrell Scott, a pastor at the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  Scott said to the media that:  “Nobody at this meeting came out with a negative reaction in any kind of way,” adding that “Everybody in the room likes Donald Trump.”  Take that, Lefties.

When asked by a reporter if he wanted to comment about Black Lives Matter, Trump dismissed them:  “Black lives are very important, white lives are very important, and to me all lives are very important.”  Contrast this unifying statement with the three DemocRat candidates, who have all caved in to BLM.  Martin O’Malley even apologized for having the temerity to say that “All lives matter.”  Not if you’re a Democrat.  They all agree that only Black Lives Matter, and they all are silent while the BLM activists show up to randomly terrorize whites, such as they did recently in the Chicago Magnificent Mile on Black Friday.

And then the Chatterati Classes wonder why Trump is leading in the polls.