VIA| During a radio interview yesterday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was asked if he thinks President Obama should now be considered a threat to national security.

Trump flat-out replied, “He is a threat to this country.”

The 2016 frontrunner pointed out that the President’s inability to refer to ISIS as ‘radical Islamic terrorists’ and his delusional insistence that the organization is “contained” show he will not fight to protect America.

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Take a listen to Trump’s fiery commentary (relevant portion at about 12:15) …

Partial transcript (HT Gateway Pundit):

Kuhner: “Is, is he a threat to national security? Mr. Trump is, is Obama now a threat to America’s national security?”

Trump: “I think he is a threat to our country.”

“I mean he must have some kind of a thing going because, you know when you see that he won’t even call them by their name after attack after attack after attack and it’s always the same thing it’s hatred. It’s hatred. And it is exactly that. It’s ‘radical Islamic terrorism’. And he won’t even acknowledge it. It’s like they’re coming out of uh, Denmark or something. You know it’s–the whole thing is ridiculous, he won’t acknowledge it.”

Comment: Do you agree with Mr. Trump that Obama has been so completely on the side of radical Islamic terrorists that he himself, has become a threat to national security and the country in general?