Trump: Shattering The Political Myth of Rampant Racism

ELDER PATRIOT –   I’ve written a lot about Donald Trump’s political ascendancy because I’d rather focus on someone who might be able to fix the problems our country faces, almost all manufactured by and to benefit the established political parties, than the current president, the Republican congress, and the establishment candidates of both parties who are working to exacerbate those problems by supporting the myth of a serious racial divide in order to continue their fleecing of the American people.  That fleecing has been both monetary and spiritual.  Now, because of Trump’s direct approach to solving political problems and his willingness to say what he thinks, the GOP is in panic mode over his runaway status in the polls.

Make no mistake Trump’s straight talk on the issues has the elites of both political parties quaking in their boots.  In the backrooms and cloakrooms where they privately meet Democrat have told their Republican collaborators they must bring him down.  It’s time to start watching for an all out air attack on Trump with a blistering negative ad campaign.

Internal polling shows the Democrat elite is in even worse shape against Trump than the Republicans.  The fact that Hillary is stuck at 55% support amongst Democrat voters while basically running unopposed exposes just how vulnerable she will be in a general election. 

Hillary cannot even count on the Black vote to turn out for her at the same level as they have supported previous Democratic candidates.  The current racial unrest on college campuses and disrupting Black Friday shopping areas has divided the Black community.  A significant number of Blacks recognize that #BLM is much ado about nothing other than attempting to perpetuate the political myth that racism is rampant and only Democrats will defend them against it.  On this issue the Republican establishment is supposed to roll over to maintain the paradigm of division.  Trump has refused to follow the script.

Trump is shattering that myth and in the process threatening the paradigm that both political parties use to divide us.  Polling shows that Trump’s direct approach to the issue already has 25% of Black voters supporting him.  That alone would sink any Democrat based on the past two successful Democrats to be elected president.

That support is likely to grow this week after Trump meets with a group of 100 African American pastors who are set to endorse him.

Darrell Scott is the pastor of the New Spirit Revival Center in Ohio. He helped organize the coalition of Black religious leaders after meeting with Trump. “I was looking for some subtle hints of racism.  I didn’t see it at all.  Donald Trump is the candidate best suited to be president.”

The myth that both political parties propagate, that Blacks must be treated differently than the rest of our larger society, may finally be destroyed by a Trump presidency allowing Blacks to participate in all aspects of our society as Americans and no longer as pawns used to divide our country.