Trump Stands Firm Amid Calls To Step Aside Showing True Leadership

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump is learning what the rest of us have known for a long time, neither of our two major political parties’ leaders can be trusted. 

When Trump initially ascended to the top of the polls among Republican presidential candidates, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus met with him to demand Trump pledge his allegiance to whoever the eventual Republican candidate turned out to be.  Trump should have extracted a similar oath of loyalty from Chairman Priebus who is a squirrely example of a man.

Now, after Trump has differentiated himself from the feckless Republican presidential candidates who are challenging him by outlining a bold (and to some, controversial) plan to protect Americans from Muslim terrorists, political leaders and operatives are calling for him to step aside. 

It’s amazing that while Trump is outlining a plan to protect Americans in their homeland, he’s being attacked by politicians and operatives who allowed this threat to fester, and, who have now invited it into our neighborhoods.  If anyone should be asked to step aside Trump and the American people should be asking them to.

Those calling for his ouster range from Muslim Brotherhood agent Huma Abedin who also serves as Hillary Clinton’s top personal aide and vice-chairman of Mrs. Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign to cowardly Republican senatorial candidate David Jolly from Florida who is currently the representative from Florida’s 13th district.

Seriously, Trump is more of a man than to run at the first sign of disagreement.  Especially when that disagreement is rooted in the prejudice (Abedin) or cowardice (Jolly) of his opponents.  The fact is establishment politicians have already staked out positions that are indefensible in light of what we now know.  Worse, they knew the threat situation long before we did but lied to us about it.

The statement from the Ruling Class that is coming through loud and clear is “this is our political system not yours.”  This should surprise no one as the powers of both parties spent the past seven years ignoring the will of the people and governing without our consent. 

A new poll claims that 68% of Trump’s supporters will vote for him if runs as an independent.  Only 18% have decided they won’t.  The Republican Party chooses to reject Trump at it’s own peril.

The Republican rank and file’s overwhelming support for Trump is indicative of their recognition and thirst for real leadership much like the rank and file’s massive support in 1979 for another candidate who spoke boldly about solutions to the problems we faced as a nation back then.  That candidate was also roundly rejected by the Republican Party’s establishment and a portion of the electorate who rallied around the saying “better Red than dead.”  Ronald Reagan won in landslides in 1980 and again in 1984 re-setting America’s conservative movement and toppling the Soviet Union while becoming the most popular president of the past century. 

I know what the Democrats and other liberals are afraid of but what are the feckless Republicans afraid of?