Trump To Globalists: “Bring It!”

ELDER PATRIOT – Britain’s politicians have warned President Obama to stay out of their national referendum that will determine whether they continue their membership in the European Union.  The referendum is brought about by what our Founding Founders warned us about when they first drafted our Constitution and is an acknowledgement that the further from home governance is located the more dictatorial and less responsive it becomes to the people.

Even as members of the U.K.’s Parliament open the door to decentralization, globalists have taken aim at Donald Trump to stop America from making a similar move.  The war to preserve national sovereignty by those who understand the nefarious nature of the globalist end game is underway.  Among the American presidential candidates only Donald Trump stands in clear opposition to every aspect of the growth of the NWO that necessarily will come at the cost of the continued diminishment of America.

New World Order mouthpiece, The Christian Science Monitor, blasts the headline, “Around world, doubts whether Trump could ‘make America great again.”  In the event you don’t want to waste time reading the horribly slanted article it’s summed up nicely by its sub-headline: “The increasing possibility of a Trump presidency is feeding nations’ worries about everything from the continuation of their trade deals to military ties with the US.” 

The hand-wringing coming from foreign leaders is more about what they stand to lose rather than any challenge Trump poses to making America great again.

The foreign nationalists fear the loss of one-sided trade deals that have seen our jobs and riches exported to their countries.

In the simplest of terms Donald Trump threatens the New World Order and their continued fleecing of the American people. 

Likewise, Trump’s contention that America should no longer solely bear the military costs of defending our allies scares them because it challenges their ability to continue funding their country’s own financially onerous social welfare programs.  Those nations will be forced to deal with the expense of both defense and social programs that will have left us $21 trillion in debt by the time Trump takes the oath of office.

It’s time for the globalist vultures to fund their own programs and development.  Trump demands no less.  In the process, our economy will be unshackled by the financial obligations to these parasitic countries.  That alone with give America the chance to become great again.