Trump Warns Americans: Only He Can Save Us From Economic Armageddon As Always He’s Right

ELDER PATRIOT – As much as the Republican Elites try to paint Donald Trump as a buffoon they have failed at every attempt.  He has been proven correct on every issue from immigration to trade to national security.  In fact, the major of issues of this campaign would not even be issues that we’re discussing today had Trump not opened the dialogue on them.


From the attacks in Paris and Brussels to the lack of American jobs, to our trade imbalance, to the poor return on our investment in our military, Trump has been right on everything.


People may take offense to the way that he says things but only deniers are questioning the veracity of what he says.


Now Trump is warning that were are facing a cataclysmic economic recession that only he can prevent and he is very probably correct.  Not because he’s the only person who recognizes the problem and knows what to do about it but because he’s the only politician willing to discuss it and who also has the desire to fix it.


How can Trump be so sure?  Ten-year treasuries hit a new low this week at 1.7%.  This is the level of return the government had to give to bond buyers to keep them from investing elsewhere.  During the Bush administration treasuries approached 5%.  Even on the day that Obama took office yields were higher at 2.4%.


What does this mean?  It means that the economic outlook is so bleak for the coming ten years that investors are willing to put their money on the sidelines and accept almost nothing in return.  The people we need to invest in our economy are saying thanks but no thanks.  No one realizes this better than Trump who is the consummate investor.


Other politicians are banking on the low cost borrowing to keep the debt from strangling us just as they are trying to convince American consumers that cheap goods coming from abroad are better than real jobs here in the states, so they say nothing as America sinks closer and closer to economic armageddon.


Both Ted Cruz and John Kasich have avoided this topic like the plague because they don’t understand the economy and they want to keep their corporatist donors well fed at our expense.


TrusTrump to get it right.