ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – It is the RNC Convention this week and you know what that means:  It’s Trump Week!  Here are some highlights:


The theme of Monday night was MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN.  This was apropos given the nation wide cop killing spree being committed by the George Soros funded #BlackLivesMatter terrorist group.  A group that Hillary Clinton and the DemocRats have not only endorsed, but have put their arms around so tight that there is no longer any day light between the two.  With each new murder committed by #BLM, they will become a heavier and heavier millstone around her neck, politically. 


The headliner for Monday night was Melania Trump.  The picture above really doesn’t do her radiant beauty and piercing blue eyes justice.  Even through the distance of the TV, I was struck by how penetrating Melania’s gaze is.  Her eyes reminded me of the eyes of an eagle:  intelligent, predatory, and far seeing.  She made me feel like a small field mouse that might get snatched up and eaten at any moment, metaphorically.  Her body language left no doubt that she is a formidable woman, and she will bring grace and elegance to the position of First Lady.

Melania’s delivery was flawless, although her Eastern European accent reminded me of another actress:  Mira Furlan who played the character of D’lenn on the science fiction series Babylon 5.  I almost expected Melania to announce that the Religious Caste of the Minbari was endorsing Donald Trump for President.

After DemocRats picked their jaws up off the floor, they could only lamely nit pick that some of Melania’s speech lines were copycatting a speech given by Michelle Obama in 2008.  But that redounds to the campaign speech writer, and will not stick to Melania.


I watched retired Lt. General Michael Flynn speak on Monday night, and instantly understood why Trump did not select him for his running mate.  Flynn has a voice and a delivery style that is hard to listen to.  It is even uncomfortable to watch him speak.  He has this “crazy eyes” look and his eyebrows screw up like they are a couple of snakes with their own volition.


The guy who really got the delegates out of their seats and on their feet on Monday night was Rudy Guiliani, former Mayor of New York City.  Rudy was so animated at times, I thought he was going to spit his dentures out—and hit the Texas Delegation in the second tier of the floor seats!  Now, some have said to me that they were uncomfortable with Rudy’s speaking style.  Specifically, his vigorous hand gestures.  They said it reminded them of Hitler’s speaking style.  The problem with the “Reminds Me of Hitler” meme is that it is so unevenly applied.  Hitler also rode around in Mercedes sedans, but for some reason that hasn’t seemed to hurt the sales of Mercedes.  It is ludicrous to believe that moving your hands when you talk is forever verboten just because Hitler had that habit.  Rudy is Italian.  That is the way Italian’s speak, and if you tie an Italian’s hands behind his back, it practically makes them mute.  They don’t know how to talk without waving their hands.

On the content, Rudy was spot on in his condemnation of Hillary’s disastrous policies that have left this country far less safe than it was 8 years ago.

Footnote:  During Monday, the #NeverTrumpers made a final, pathetic attempt to steal the Nomination from Donald Trump.  They failed.  Now, a footnote in history are all the #NeverTrumpers shall ever be.


The theme of Tuesday at the RNC Convention was MAKE AMERICA WORK AGAIN.  Given the dismal and dire state of the economy, it is an important theme that the Republicans would do well to keep hammering on every day from now until November.


Tiffany Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter with ex-wife Marla Maples, kicked off my viewing of the Convention coverage Tuesday night.  Tiffany is definitely a slice off of the Georgian Peach that is her mother, Marla, a former beauty queen.  At only 22 years old and a recent graduate of UPenn, Tiffany received high marks from the TV Commentariat for doing the best job at humanizing her father Donald.  I concur.  You have to hand it to all of the Trump children.  From Donald Jr. on down to Tiffany, they all are gifted public speakers.

It was a bit hard for me to get past Tiffany’s over the top Vegas Show Girl appearance.  Watching her is like watching a Sex Doll come to life.  I won’t say anything more about it.  Content wise I thought Tiffany had a missed opportunity.  In addition to humanizing her Dad, Tiffany as a recent college grad had the chance to tell a personal and compelling story of the plight of the Millennial Generations struggles in this jobless economy that Obama-Clinton have created.  Maybe it isn’t her problem, personally, but I’m sure she knows many fellow Millennials who are living that nightmare.  It would have tied in well with the night’s them of Make America Work Again.  Finally, it would have allowed Tiffany to claim the mantle of Millennial Spokeswoman from Megyn McCain.


The Headliner last night was Chris Christie, who really got the Convention rocking with a thorough political indictment and prosecution of Hillary Clinton with a detailed list of all of her criminality.  “Guilty or Not Guilty?” Christie would ask after the presentation of the evidence on each count of the indictment.  “GUILTY!” shouted back the delegates, breaking out several times with chants of “LOCK HER UP!”  The TV Commentariat could only lamely quip that Christie had just auditioned to be Trump’s Attorney General.  Yeah, so what?  Sounds good to me.

Along the way during the day on Tuesday, Donald Trump formerly received the necessary delegate votes to be nominated as the Republican Candidate for President of the United States for the 2016 Election.  Suck on it, Jeb!

Don Jr

Donald Jr. gave a very well received speech Tuesday night.  Looking like a young George Hamilton, Donny only flubbed one line, about pouring concrete and hanging drywall.  The speech gave some good insights about Donald Trump as a Father, a Businessman, and as a Leader.  The memorable line was that: “We learned more from the workers with Doctorates in Common Sense than we did from the guys from Harvard.”  He described his father as someone who refused to give up, and refused to accept that something was impossible.  Donald Trump is a man who changed the skyline of New York by sheer force of will.  Message—Trump will put America back to work.

ben carson (1)

The final speaker of note was Dr. Ben Carson, who reminded America that Hillary Clinton is an acolyte of the radical communist Saul Alinsky.  It was a joy to watch the TV Commentariat cluck their collective tongues and huff at the “unprecedented demonization of Hillary Clinton”.  Yeah, well, all you DemocRats posing as Journalists, your candidate is an unprecedented Crook, Traitor, and Communist.  And we are going to shout it from the roof tops.

Just wait until we start talking about Hillary’s Lesbianism.