ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Jeb Bush vowed on a primary debate stage that it would “NEVER HAPPEN!” Embittered Cruz supporters started the #NeverTrump movement. Odds makers in London like Ladbrokes and put Trump at 100 to 1 odds against winning the nomination when he announced he was running.  Vegas bookies put Trump at 300 to 1 against, and the Political Commentariat at websites like put trump at 500 to 1 against. 

Last night, Donald J. Trump beat all the odds, and showed up all the naysayers.


Ivanka Trump introduced her father Donald for the evening.  Up on the screen, her biography flashed:  Executive Vice-President of Trump Enterprises.  Designer and CEO of her own fashion line.  Here was an actual, accomplished career woman that the Feminist wing of the DemocRat Party likes to give lip service to, but only as an abstract ideal.  Real female entrepreneurs they jeer and despise.  You see, Ivanka is successful because of the backing of her family.  She was financed by her father, not Uncle Sam.  She embraced motherhood, and not a welfare card.

Ivanka hammered home the theme that Donald Trump is the candidate of the “Little Guy”, someone who is a “fighter” and who will fight for the Middle Class for real, and mean it.  Ivanka also struck a chord about equal pay for women, which was surprising because there are already such laws on the books, and she crowed that female executives are paid the same wage as male executives in the Trump organization.  Perhaps she was slyly referring to the fact that the Clinton Campaign has been caught under paying its own female staffers?  But you know, hypocrisy never stopped a DemocRat.

Trump points

Then there was The Donald’s acceptance speech.  He courted Bernie Sanders voters by noting that he and Sanders agreed on the need to end the kind of big trade deals that ship American jobs overseas, along with America’s wealth.  In a Republican Party first, he had a hall full of conservatives give a standing ovation for LGBT equal rights.  Between Donald Trump and Milo Yiannopoulos, expect the November election to see big inroads into the gay vote demographic, as well as blacks and Hispanics.  Trump’s speech will make it very hard for the Clinton Slime Machine to portray him as anti-gay or anti-minority.  Efforts to date on that score have failed spectacularly:  Team Clinton spent almost everything it raised in June–$34 million out of $36 million raised, in key swing states for attack ads vilifying Trump.  Trump is tied or even a little ahead even though he has spent nothing on media in those markets.  That’s $34 million up in smoke with nothing to show for it.  Just like what happened to Jeb!

Trump’s speech committed to a course of Nationalism over Globalism.  Main Street over Wall Street.  Central to that was Trump’s vow to resuscitate America’s oil and coal industries.  While Clinton wants to put them into the unemployment line and into bankruptcy, Trump promises to put America’s coal miners back to work.  As well he should.  With fracking technology, America has the resources to be the planet’s number one energy producer and exporter.  That equals jobs and prosperity, and people know it.  The DemocRats are only offering the continuing hollowing out of American industry.  This is why I see a landslide victory for Trump in the making. 

Of even greater interest to me was what didn’t happen at the Convention in Cleveland.  The Communists stayed home instead of rioting in the streets.  The Anarchists couldn’t organize anyone to show up, and both their protests and their threats fizzled…with the hilarious exception of the protestor who tried to burn an American flag and just lit himself on fire instead.

And speaking of self-immolation, there was the spectacle of Ted Cruz delivering his political suicide note to the party yesterday, effectively diffusing any support for opposing Trump within the Party with his classless display.  So now it’s full speed ahead, and on to November to slay The Witch.