Trump’s LBO of the Republican Party

ELDER PATRIOT – Both the Republican leadership and the pundits who follow these things have no clue how to deal with the lightning fast political ascendancy of Donald Trump. That’s because Trump is foisting them both on their own petards and they aren’t even smart enough to recognize what’s happening to them.  Or, perhaps they recognize the trap they’ve laid for themselves but find themselves powerless to do anything to escape it.

Donald Trump has made billions of dollars buying devalued assets at bargain basement prices and returning them to their former high-value status and this is exactly the potential he sees in what’s left of the Republican Party.  In business jargon, Trump is staging a hostile takeover of the Republican Party.

This all became possible when George H.W. Bush succeeded Ronald Reagan as president and moved the Republican Party decidedly to the left and away from their ideological foundations.  From that moment forward the Republican brand has become increasingly devalued.  Their complicity in running up $18 Trillion in operating debt, $200 Trillion in unfunded liabilities, and failing to secure our borders has helped plummet the Republican Party’s stock to such an all-time low that political neophyte Trump saw the buying opportunity of his lifetime.

Republican Party’s leadership is desperate to derail Trump’s candidacy but they simply aren’t on the same playing field as the Donald.  They have set up a political war room with the objective of undermining Trump.  Last night while Trump was rallying 35,000 supporters in a stadium in Mobile, Alabama, the Bush campaign had a small plane fly over the crowd with a message that is already forgotten.  Their takeaway from the evening will be the visual comparison of Bush’s piper cub and Trump’s 747, and a man with the brashness to speak the truth to them. 

Republican Party leadership has spent so much time, money, and energy finding ways to profit off the people who elected them that they are devoid of any of the other talents they’ll need to counteract the Donald.

Meanwhile, Trump the businessman is proceeding to build his brand and is moving to close the deal with the voting public.  He is unencumbered by party politics and the party’s past financial arrangements and entanglements just as any buyer of the assets of a bankrupt company are free of that company’s past contractual obligations.

In business when a hostile takeover is in progress the board of directors of the company being attacked searches for a white knight.  The white knight is a person or group that sees the enterprise as worth saving and proceeds to buy up the stock ahead of the person staging the hostile takeover, or at least drive the stock price high enough that the takeover no longer has value to the attacker.  This can’t happen here because the stock is spread so thinly – one vote per person – and the stockholders (voters) aren’t of the mind to sell.

The Republican Party has only them selves to blame for what’s happening to them.  It began when they abandoned their position of ideological purity.  It became inevitable when they turned the party into a business and their personal greed led them to abdicate any and all sense of responsibility to the people they were elected to serve.