VIA| Donald Trump said on Monday that President Barack Hussein Obama hasn’t always had that name — and he wasn’t talking about the “President” part.

Trump made the comments during a telephone interview on Monday’s “Fox and Friends” when he was asked to comment on remarks Obama had made to CBS correspondent Bob Schieffer about whether he likes politics.

“I love this job and here’s I think a fair statement: If your name is Barack Hussein Obama, you, you had to have liked politics in order to get into this office.”

“Well, that wasn’t his name,” Trump responded after hearing the clip. “His name was Barry Soetoro and that was his name and he changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama. And, you know, it just shows everything about this man people don’t get. And you know, it’s an incredible statement. He makes that statement and, frankly, you know, it’d be OK if he didn’t make this statement, but he made this statement and his original name was a very different name.”

As for whether the president really loves his job as he told Schieffer, Trump had a slightly different take on that, too.

“Well, he loves the perks. He loves flying around and playing golf on Air Force One,” Trump said. “He does love those perks, those perks are very good. About as good as anybody can get.”

Watch a clip of the phone interview here, via Western Journalism:

Birther theories like this one have been around since before Obama was elected president, and they’ll be around after he leaves office. They will, in fact, probably never go away, fed as they are by this president’s apparent allergy to the truth in so many other aspects of his political career.

Just so long as he goes away, we don’t really care what happens to the conspiracy theories.