Trump’s Use Of The Mainstream Media Proves He’s A Masterful Tactician

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump is in the process of proving just how much of a master tactician he is.

His Corporate-Banker Globalist opposition now owns ninety percent of the numerous corporate entities comprising the mainstream media through their ownership of six major corporations.  And, Trump now has them all working for him while still being paid by his opposition.


Over the past two decades this has provided an enormous competitive advantage for the candidates that the Globalists have used to advance their visions of achieving a new world order. 

As the costs of mounting a campaign for the presidency has begun approaching the billion-dollar level it has become virtually impossible for the voice of an ordinary man to be heard.  Successful politicians must rely on raising large sums of money and the simple truth is it’s easier to raise large sums from a small group of donors than small sums from a large group of donors.  The result has been a rise in the influence that large donors exercise over future political decisions and, therefore, in crony capitalism.

Following the dictates of their billionaire donors we have now reached the point where almost 60% of Americans feel like strangers in their own country.  Politicians and the mainstream media attempt to talk around the disenfranchisement that ordinary Americans were feeling until someone rich enough and personable enough spoke for them.

Donald Trump went for their jugular right off the bat with bombast, but also with truth – a truth that many Americans were thinking and feeling but that no one was giving voice to.  He attacked their sacred cow, immigration and the mainstream media took the bait and jumped in with both feet.


Once Trump had their attention he began hammering other hot button issues one after another on behalf of America’s besieged working class men and women. 


Jobs, regulations, and “free trade” agreements, and the mainstream media were ordered to destroy him. 

All of this commotion resulted in what essentially amounted to a free campaign launch for Trump.  The mainstream media under the direction of their corporate masters had unwittingly given working class American men and women their candidate.  And, they were funding him!


While the pundits of the mainstream media ridicule Trump’s assertions that he will negotiate better deals for America with foreign leaders these same pundits are oblivious to how they’ve been used by Trump to give Americans a better choice in presidential candidates.  All, on their dime.