ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – It began with Turkey shooting down a Russian fighter-bomber.  Even if you look at the conflicting factual claims in a light most beneficial to Turkey, Turkey admits that it shot down a Russian warplane after it had violated Turkish airspace for 17 SECONDS!  The last country that acted in such a hair trigger, barbarous manner was…Russia!  Actually, it was the old Soviet Union which, on September 1, 1983, shot down Korean Airlines Flight 007 for violating Soviet airspace.

Then, as now, the civilized world is horrified at the idea of any country having such a hair trigger, lethal response to an airspace infraction.  In the military context of today, Russia and Turkey (as a member of NATO) are supposed to be on the same side in the War on ISIS, but of course, that isn’t really true.  Turkey has been caught red handed giving aid and support to ISIS, both within and beyond its own borders.  It has been bankrolling ISIS by buying their oil.  Similarly, Barack Obama has been secretly funding and arming ISIS, to the tune of $800 million.


So, if you are looking for a reason why Turkey would provoke Russia and shoot down a Russian warplane, the answer is Islamist ideology.  Turkey under its current leader, and Barack Obama soul mate, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is moving Turkey from a secular to a radical Islamist state.  Erdogan, and Obama, both share the war aims of ISIS to overthrow the secular dictator of Syria, Bashir Assad, who happens to be an ally of Russia.

Underlying this conflict is the fight over oil.  Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who are also funding ISIS, want a pipeline built from the Persian Gulf to Europe, through Turkey.  But that can’t happen without going through Syria, and Assad has said “no” to this proposed pipeline.  So if you want to know why Barack Obama has such fervor to remove Bashir Assad of Syria, it is really about Obama doing the bidding of the Persian Gulf Sheiks that he is so fond of bowing in front of.  It potentially would also benefit Iran, whom Obama also treats as an ally under the influence of Iranian born Valerie Jarret, even though Iran is a terrorist state that manufactured and supplied most of the I.E.D.’s to insurgents in Iraq that blew off many limbs off of U.S. soldiers.  Not that Obama cares a wit about that.

In response to the downing of its warplane, Vladimir Putin of Russia imposed unilateral economic sanctions on Turkey.  This was not an insignificant act.  Russia constitutes 25% of the tourist trade in Turkey, and an even more significant portion of the “suitcase trade” between the two nations (Russian tourists buy Turkish clothing and other goods and fill their suitcases with the stuff when they go home).  Putin has shut down air travel and border crossings with Turkey, and has shut down all economic trade activity.  This is a significant hit in Turkey’s wallet, so to speak.  In more rational times, cooler heads would prevail, and the diplomats would make peace.  Instead, Erdogan is refusing to even issue an apology over the incident. 

In response to Russian economic sanctions, Turkey has responded by sealing off the Dardanelles, blocking Russian shipping from the Black Sea into the Mediterranean Sea, and bottling up the Russian Black Sea Fleet from going into the Mediterranean.  A squadron of six Russian warships are at this moment sitting in the Black Sea, ominously off the coast of Istanbul.

Today, Russia, in a very public way, announced that it is arming its fighter bombers in Syria with air to air missiles.  Now, let the meaning of this announcement sink in.  ISIS has no airforce (other than the clandestine supply drops they get from the CIA).  The ramification is obvious:  Russia is saying to the world that the next time Turkey tries to shoot down their planes, they are armed and prepared to fight back.

If Turkey persists in its aggressive air space defense policy, then very soon there will be an air war between Russia and Turkey.  But it gets worse.  Russia has also mobilized 150,000 army conscripts and is deploying these ground divisions to its border with Turkey in the Caucuses.  Again, the message is very plain:  If Turkey starts an air war, the Russians are prepared to escalate the conflict with a conventional invasion of Turkey through Asia Minor.  I expect the Russian troops to be met with open arms by the oppressed Armenians, who would love to get out from under Turkish rule.  A shrewd move by Putin would be to create a puppet Armenian state.  Further, such mass army mobilizations tend to have an inertia all their own.  One of the contributing causes to the outbreak of World War One was the fact that once the nations of Europe mobilized their armies, they were committed to war.

Of course, at some point, Turkey, who started this mess, is going to go crying for help from NATO when it starts getting mauled by the Russian Bear.  It is at this point that the United States, meaning al-Barack Hussein Obama as the U.S. Commander in Chief, will be forced to go to war with Russia and start World War III, or pull the Persian Carpet out from under Turkey and let them hang out to dry.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not so sure Barack Obama wouldn’t be willing to see the American landscaped nuked for the cause of Global Islam.  A true leader of the Free World would already be reigning in Turkey, or letting the world know they stand alone in their provocations (which would also presumably focus the attention of Turkey’s leadership).  Instead, Obama continues to be a co-conspirator in the radical Islamists’ aggression on the West.

If you see on the news that a shooting war has erupted between Turkey and Russia, it’s time to head for the bunkers.