Tzedakah Makes Home Depot Special

ELDER PATRIOT – What is Tzedakak?  It is the Jewish tradition of charity in times of crisis.  And, it makes Home Depot special.

Home Depot’s Jewish Secret to Success from Jerusalem U on Vimeo.

As we absorb immigrants from around the world, especially from the jihadist nations of the Middle East, ask yourself what positives they will bring to our culture?  Do they bring love for all or divisiveness?  Assiduousness or sloth?  It’s not enough that they want to feed at our trough but also how they will contribute to making us a better, more prosperous, and more secure nation.

The history of the Jewish people is to react with charity even when they have been the victims of horrible atrocities.  They have brought that charitable spirit to our culture along with a history of industriousness and artistry.  But, mostly the Jewish people are recognized for their charity and their peacefulness.

I cannot recall that same spirit of charity and care towards others coming from America’s Muslim community after 9/11 or after any other of the lesser terrorist attacks that have been conducted against innocent Americans. 

It’s inarguable that the majority of Muslim Americans are fine and decent people but they have contented themselves by assimilating into the background.  It is time for them to come out of the shadows and prove their goodness to the people of America by defying their radicalized brethren and exposing the mosques that breed the hatred and the plots of their neighbors to cause harm to our families.  Only then can they be considered Americans ahead of anything else.

Judging by the reports coming from Europe, the new wave of Muslims that our government is welcoming will require no less from America’s Muslims if our children are to be safe in our communities.

It is time for Muslims to embrace Sadaqah (charity) towards all of the people of the world, not just when it’s comfortable for them to do so and not just towards certain peoples but instead whenever and wherever it is needed by anyone.

It is important that all Americans – citizens or guests – embrace our Christmas blessing, “Peace on earth and goodwill to all, everday day of the year.