U.S. Government Studying Slow GDP Growth

ELDER PATRIOT – The Associated Press has reported this weekend that the government is analyzing slow first quarter growth in an attempt to “resolve the problem.”  After spending more of our hard earned money they’ll know what every restaurant owner and retailer could’ve told them; people stop spending in January and February because they are broke after blowing their budgets during Christmas and Hanukkah.

In the world of reason, this would be considered financially responsible behavior.  The government sees this differently.  As a result of years of misguided Keynesian economic policies the government has created a dependence on tax revenues similar to one an addict has for drugs.  And, like the addict who steals from his family to feed his addiction, so the government steals from the American taxpayer.

In this case, by labeling people’s decision to curtail unnecessary spending a problem, politicians can insert themselves into finding a “solution.”  Government solutions always come with a cost to taxpayers.  Almost invariably they leave the people poorer and corporations and bankers richer.  Politicians, of course, make sure they aren’t left off the gravy train.  Unaccounted in the monetary statistics is the devastating human toll levied on many financially borderline citizens.

The banks have already done all they could to prime our spending pump.  It seems that every advertisement on television extols the virtues of one credit card or another all the while enticing us to spend ourselves into further debt.  Apparently we have resisted taking the bait.  Good for us!  This is the system working as intended.

But as any progressive can tell you, “never let a crisis go to waste.”   There’s money to be confiscated from a trusting electorate.  It matters little that this doesn’t even rise to a minor crisis.  The 47,000 employees at the Department of Commerce have now been mobilized with finding a way to force-spend more of our money.

Common sense dictates asking what possible benefit can we derive from buying something we don’t need with money we don’t yet have?  If not to enrich themselves and their bankster puppet-masters what other reason exists for such political meddling?

Ronald Reagan famously observed that the nine most terrifying words are, I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”  Reagan felt the need to be pithy.  The sentence could properly be expanded to “I’m from the government and I’m here to help (myself to your money.)