ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – As I write this article, I am watching the live stream of the debate in Parliament to ban Donald Trump from entering the U.K.  Reportedly, 570,000 Britons signed a petition to ban Trump from Great Britain.  The petition was spear headed by a Muslim MP who campaigned for Barack Obama in 2008 and who is known to be anti-Israel.  So, with the typical lack of irony often exhibited by bigoted Muslims, anti-semitism is just fine, but Islam should be above any criticism, no matter how accurate the criticism may be.  No, I don’t buy the fiction that you can be against Israel but not be against Jews.  That is a convenient turn of semantics by people who, when you dig into their views, really want to see Jews eradicated in the Middle East.

I am struck how no one in Parliament, not a single one, is willing to take up the merits of Trump’s security concerns with respect to Muslim immigrants, or the security and public safety dangers that radical Islam represents to Western societies.  Even those MP’s who are arguing against a ban on Trump take it for granted that his call for a ban is mere “foolishness” and “buffoonery”, and “dangerous idiocy”.  So the debate becomes one of whether free speech and tolerance should suffer fools, and not whether Islam presents a problem to Western Civilization.  One MP even goes through the history of American immigration laws and concludes that Trump is merely a product of a country that has always been racist and nativist against Asians and Arabs.  Unlike the open immigration of Arabs that the U.K. practices.  Oh, you’re just soooo morally superior to we Neanderthal Americans.  How’s that working out for you, by the way?  I’m sure that the last free Briton will smugly say to themselves “at least I never gave in to Islamophobia”, as the knife cuts into their neck.  I’m sure the last free Britons will be congratulating themselves for their superior tolerance as the Muslims burn the contents of the British Museum in a giant bonfire, when there are enough of them to take control of the U.K.  Does that warning make me a bigot?  Tell it to the Afghanis and Syrians where Islamists are blowing up centuries old artifacts.  Don’t think Shakespeare won’t get the same fate.


I am further struck by how Trump’s proposal is uniformly misrepresented.  Everyone in Parliament talks as if Trump is calling for a permanent ban, rather than the temporary one that Trump actually called for in light of our inability to properly vet so-called Muslim refugees from war zones, or how ISIS is publically bragging about gaming our immigration policies to plant sleeper cells in America.  Instead, the worst of the Leftist MP’s are actually repeating blatant misinformation, saying that Trump is calling for all Muslims to be put under government surveillance.  In this, the European Left seems to have in common a trait of American Leftists:  The motivations of Conservatives are always suspect, and assumed to be malevolent. 

Should the British Parliament vote to ban Donald Trump from entering the U.K., I think that this will further erode U.S.-British relations which have been damaged by Barack Obama’s grudge against Winston Churchill.  Every time a British MP calls Donald Trump a fool, a bigot, or a racist, they are saying it about a quarter to half of the American people.  Should Trump be elected President, I wouldn’t be surprised if he puts in place a Travel Ban on Americans going to the U.K.  And why not?  Britain has increasingly lost control of its own country.  Muslim No Go Zones continue to grow and multiply.  Christian belief continues to be circumscribed and criminalized while the Koran enjoys complete immunity from criticism of any kind.  In light of the rape epidemic and terror attacks going on across Western Europe, a case can be made that all these countries are no longer safe for Americans to travel to.  The local police cannot even protect their own citizens, much less American tourists.  London is rapidly becoming as dangerous as Cairo or Beirut to visit. 

That is the view from this side of the Atlantic Ocean:  Europe has gone insane with political correctness.  Europe is committing cultural and ethnic suicide by embracing the immigration of millions of radical Islamists who rape and loot.  Europe has become so politically correct, and cannot even articulate the threat that radical Islam presents to its continued existence.  So mad has Britain become, that they have criminalized anyone who does utter a warning about what is going on.

See?  This sort of thing can work both ways, fellas.  You diss an American Front Running Presidential candidate at your own peril.  Pray that your rude and condescending attitude is not reciprocated.  As far as I am concerned, you are the fools who are letting your country be over-run by a hostile, conquering ideology.

The primary duty of government officials in a Free Republic is to safeguard the liberties of their citizens.  One of the ways to achieve this is to err on the side of caution when it comes to immigration policies.  No one has a “right” to move to another country.  A country’s officials owe a duty to the people they serve to be selective in who they allow to immigrate.  The guideline of a good government steward is to allow people to immigrate who have skills that the country needs.  At no point should a good government steward expose the citizenry to security or safety risks.  Note the word “risk”.  Not proof, but mere risk.  A good government steward has no business putting the citizenry at risk in their safety and security from those immigrating into the country.

The people running the U.K. and the E.U. take risks all the time at the expense of their citizens.  There are thousands who have now been raped, robbed, and murdered by Third World immigrants who have gone to the U.K. or other countries in the E.U. and immediately went on the welfare rolls.  They immediately became a burden on the taxpaying citizenry, and many have become a clear and present safety risk.

They attack Donald Trump, because his good stewardship and prudence exposes them for the bad stewards that they have become.

Why has this happened?  Because Socialists in Europe want a dependent class of voters, even at the expense of the future of their country because they are bringing in hostile foreigners who refuse to assimilate.  Because Socialists wanted to be able to preen about how they are so much more tolerant than anyone else.  It is about their vanity, at the expense of the safety of the citizenry.

How many more dead bodies are you prepared to pile up on the Altar to your Vanity, Left Wing Members of Parliament?  Leave US out of your Lunacy!