UN reveals that not only would TPP trade agreement end middle class, but it will harm human rights across the globe

On May 6, a Senior official with the United Nations (UN) declared that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would provide corporations unlimited power over nations and peoples, and give them cause to violate human rights across the globe in the pursuit of profit.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a secret trade agreement being forged by the United States government at the behest of multi-national corporations, and is already being deemed by some to be the catalyst for the end of the Middle Class as we know it.

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) talks between Europe and the US should be halted over fears the system of courts used by corporations would bypass human rights, a senior UN official has said.

Alfred de Zayas, a human rights campaigner for the UN, told the Guardian he believes a moratorium on the talks was necessary to prevent multinational corporations from abusing their position and exploiting governments.

He added that large transnational companies had previously succeeded in blocking government decisions using the support of secret tribunals which are not part of domestic courts.

We don’t want a dystopian future in which corporations and not democratically elected governments call the shots. We don’t want an international order akin to post-democracy or post-law,” De Zayas said. – Russia Today

As reveled in a Wikileaks document release last month, the TPP as written will give multi-national corporations and banks unprecedented power over municipalities and sovereign nations, even to the extend of allowing companies to sue governments and officials in independent courts to force them to conduct policies such as war if it will increase the profitability of arms dealers and defense contractors.


President Obama is attempting to fulfill in his last two years in office a complete transition from a Democratic form of government to a purely fascist one, where banks and corporations have equal to, or more power than elected officials and sovereign states.  And since the treaty is being written secretly, with only a few members of Congress being involved in small portions of the agreement, the likelihood of it being passed and forced onto the American people is quite high, considering how Obamacare was voted into law before most of Congress even had the chance to see it.

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