VIA| One of the most talked about issues in the country today is the question of whether or not men should be allowed to use women’s restrooms if they “identify” as women.

Some states have passed laws saying that men and women should use separate bathrooms and liberals have not taken too kindly to that.

We are hearing the usual cries of boycotts and resistance from celebrities and the media has failed to even remotely report the very real concerns that people have with bathroom free-for-alls.

One of the biggest concerns people have is the obvious likelihood that men will enter into female restrooms and locker rooms with bad intentions.  And that’s exactly what is already happening at the University of Toronto.

From Hot Air:

Considering how widespread these stories are across the United States these days, an incident in Canada may prove instructive for those debating the SJW’s demands for genderless public facilities and the intersection between those policies and traditional privacy concerns. The University of Toronto recently went down the same path being forced into place on American campuses, instituting unisex bathrooms, locker rooms and showers. What could possibly go wrong? They found out in short order. (The Daily Wire)

The administration at the University of Toronto was recently enlightened on why two separate washrooms are generally established for men and women sharing co-ed residencies.

The University is temporarily changing its policy on gender-neutral bathrooms after two separate incidents of “voyeurism” were reported on campus September 15 and 19. Male students within the University’s Whitney Hall student residence were caught holding their cellphones over female students’ shower stalls and filming them as they showered.

Melinda Scott, dean of students at the University of Toronto, told The Daily Wire that campus police had been contacted immediately and worked with residence staff to “support impacted students and ensure the safety of the Residences.”

Wow. What a shocking surprise.

It’s really strange that no one is concerned about the safety of the women who are now just expected to share bathrooms with men based on nothing more than what that man is wearing.

Scary times we live in and it appears that political correctness and feelings are about to earn another huge victory over common sense and morality.