UNLEASHED! Father of Benghazi Victim Does NOT HOLD ANYTHING BACK … WOW

VIA| Remember Cindy Sheehan, the anti-war activist who was in the media night after night for her protests against then-President George Bush, because her son was killed serving in the Iraq War?

Of course you do, the media made sure to feature her story every single day of Bush’s term as President.

Contrast that with the family members of those who died in Benghazi under Hillary Clinton’s watch.

For example, Patricia Smith, whose son died in the September 11th terror attacks in Benghazi, recently told a CNN reporter that Hillary and the Obama administration had told her she wasn’t privy to information on the attack because she is “not a member of the immediate family,” and does “not need to know.”

The reporter was stunned to hear it, even though Smith had been reiterating that story for years.

Why hadn’t the CNN reporter heard it? Because they didn’t cover it, that’s why. They never heard her story, and you likely never heard her story either.

And you’re even less likely to hear this story – Ben Doherty, father of Benghazi victim Glen Doherty, laid the hammer down on Hillary Clinton during an interview with a local news outlet:

Via Patriot Update:

“She’s a scumbag, in my opinion,” said Ben Doherty in an interview with NECN published to coincide with Clinton’s testimony on Thursday before the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

“Well I think that she pulled all the troops out of the embassy, he had no backup. He burnt alive. She said it’s no big deal, it’s a big deal to me, he’s my son and I loved him.”

Watch the news report below (relevant comments at about the :45 second mark) …

It mattered to this family, Mrs. Clinton. It made a difference to this father.