VIA| After a Texas high school student, Ahmed Mohammed, was arrested for refusing to answer questions about a suspicious bomb-looking “clock” device he brought to school, officials in his town of Irving started being demonized by the liberal mainstream media.

The media’s number one target soon became Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne, whom they disparaged as a Islamophobe for her bold willingness to stand up for her law enforcement officers.

This attack on Duyne’s character was typical for the media, especially given that Americans stillhave yet to hear what she described to Glenn Beck as “the other side of the story” — primarily because Mohammed’s parents have consistently refused to sign the waiver that would make this possible.

As such, the school where the incident occurred cannot explain to the public exactly why it chose to call the cops on Mohammed. Seems rather convenient for the punk kid, does it not?

Yet the media continues to malign Van Duyne and her city as hateful and bigoted, even though she has pointed out that Irving hosts “the most diverse zip code in America.”

According to the Census Bureau, the demographic breakdown for this population in 2010 reflected 53.1 percent of its residents as white, 41.1 percent as Hispanic, 14 percent as Asian and 12.3 percent as black. Furthermore, the North Dallas Gazette reported in 2013 that at the time, Irving had 30,000 to 40,000 Muslim residents.

Yet that diversity has not led to division. Irving was listed in 2013 as the fifth safest U.S. city with a population of 200,000 or more.

Irving is clearly a profile in diversity, not bigotry.

Likewise, Van Duyne’s track record shows that she herself is a profile in leadership, not Islamophobia. Under her management, the budget has been balanced, property values have increased and the city’s rating with Moody’s and Standard’s & Poors has remained at AAA levels during an extremely challenging economy.

But absolutely none of this matters to liberals, who have always cared more about peddling false narratives than they do about facts.

The fact is, Mayor Beth Van Duyne deserves accolades, not accusations.