Useful Idiots: Liberals Don’t Know What They Think

ELDER PATRIOT – A newly released Fox News poll finds Fifty-five percent of Americans are in favor of banning Muslim immigration into our country until our representatives “can figure out what is going on.”

The poll’s internals raise an alarming question about how liberal’s think or, in this case, don’t think.  At least not for themselves.

Seventy-two percent of Republicans agree with the proposal.  When it is attributed to Donald Trump the percentage barely changes dropping only to seventy-one percent.  Any change shows a weakness in critical thinking but for those identifying as Republicans the person suggestion the policy doesn’t much matter.  The same can’t be said of Democrat voters.

Fully forty-five percent of those identifying as Democrats agreed with the policy to temporarily ban Muslim immigrants when they first heard it.  That percentage drops almost in half, to twenty-five percent, if Donald Trump’s name is attached to the policy suggestion.

It appears the politics of personal destruction instigated by Leftists and then repeated endlessly through the cacophony of the mainstream media echo chamber only continues to work on Democrats.  This suggests that half the Democrats don’t have the ability to critically appraise political issues but rather blindly follow their Marxist leaders.  This raises the question of whether people who have their heads firmly planted up their ass should even have the right to vote.

The next time a liberal accuses you of needing Rush Limbaugh to tell you how to think (I’ve actually been told this by some liberals) you can point to this poll to turn the tables on them to show them how they’ve become useful idiots.