VIDEO: Angry Mom Saw Thugs STOMPING on OLD GLORY, So She Does THIS!

VIA| A popular Internet personality known simply as “Aunt Boo” recently released a response to the thugs who’ve been recording videos of burning and stomping on the American flag — and it was epic.

“So you asked me my opinion about the new thing that’s going viral, about people stomping on the American flag, disrespecting the American flag,” Aunt Boo said.

“If you don’t like America, if you don’t want to be here … ain’t nobody stopping you — get your passport, pack your bags and be gone!” she said with enthusiasm.

Her response was exactly what needed to be said, as too many anti-American, flag-stomping citizens of this great country seem to have one thing in common — they’re still here.

Aunt Boo then explained that disrespecting the American flag isn’t the smartest way to get one’s point across and it does nothing but anger most who watch it. She also subtly suggested that America-haters who move away would quickly realize what a great country they left and regret their decision.

“You ain’t got to sit over here and disrespect our flag, go on over there somewhere and play with some monkeys,” Aunt Boo said. “Swinging from some trees, be Tarzan, I don’t care, get on up out of here!” (H/T Q Political)

Just like the black woman who captured the attention of America when she physically disciplined her rioting sonin the middle of the mean streets of Baltimore in the wake of the death of Freddie Gray, Aunt Boo is not a woman whom flag-stomping thugs want to mess with.