VIDEO: BILLIONS Of People Have Seem Him Sing. But Few Ever Remember THIS … WOW!

VIA| Elvis is one of the kings of music in this world.  He has contributed to much to the musical scene, and his legacy will never be forgotten.

Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, is also a beautiful singer.  She decided to make an amazing musical piece with her late father, and the result is beautiful.

Lisa took one of Elvis’ well known songs, In The Ghetto, and made her own cover of the song, full of emotion and feeling, and what she did next really tops it off.

After she recorded her cover singing the piece, she layed it over with the recording of her father singing it, and they dynamic that i produced is one that is unmatched.

The duet is so powerful, people have been moved to tears watching the video.  You can really feel the passion in Lisa’s voice, and the combination with Elvis’ voice is just unbelievable.

The reason why Lisa recorded this song was for the Elvis Presley Foundation, which helps people in need, who are starving, or live in violent conditions.

Upon releasing the song, it soared to the top charts, reaching the fundraising goal almost instantly.  The song soon became the number one song in the United States.

To see the stunning performance, check out the video below and let us know how the song made you feel.