VIDEO: I Was SHOCKED to Learn This Tiny Cabin Comfortably Fits 6 People. Would YOU Ever LIVE HERE?

VIA| If you’re like me, you’ve always wanted a cabin in the woods. Perhaps, you’ve already gotten your secluded getaway home but if you haven’t, the Rustic River Park Home might be right for you. It’s got enough room to house your entire family and is built to your custom specifications.

You’ll be able to “choose your own adventure” that fits your exact specifications. It doesn’t matter if you want a place to meditate, commune with nature, or have fun with the family, they can do it all.

The model in these photos is called the “Chattahoochee” after the river on the border between Georgia and Alabama. It’s 43 feet long and 11 feet wide and easily houses a small family.

However, this cabin would also be perfect for a couple looking to get away for the weekend. Since the porch and sunroom can be opened, it provides the perfect spot for lounging around in the summer.

The granite countertop kitchen fits perfectly in the small space and is equipped with fullstainless steel appliances. The downstairs bedroom is behind the kitchen and has an awesome window that lets in the morning sunlight.

The cabin comes with bunk beds easily accommodating guests. The master bedroom is upstairs in the loft space providing great privacy.

There is no where I would rather be with my family than in my cabin beside the lake.

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