VIDEO: It Looks Like Any Ordinary Outlet Until He Unscrews It & Reveals THIS HIDDEN SECRET. WHOA!

VIA| If you have belongings like gold and silver coins that you want kept safe, your first logical solution would be to get a safe. Unfortunately, anyone trying to steal from you would think the same thing – and as we’ve seen, safes can be easy to crack.

So if you’re ready for a super-secret hiding place that no criminal will ever find, keep reading and watch the video clip included below!

Have you ever considered putting your prized possession inside electrical outlets?

In this video, Grant Thompson, The King Of Random, demonstrates how this super-simple yet effective idea can hide your valuables from the prying hands of burglars and criminals – or even family members.

When you see how discrete he makes his super-secret safe, you’ll admit that no one would ever suspect it’s loaded with valuables – not even a seasoned professional criminal.

If you want a 20 cubic inch safe, grab a 20 cubic inch electrical work box, and a blank nylon wall plate from your local hardware store. Optional items include a 15 watt duplex outlet, and matching wall plate.

For the even larger, 34 cubic inch secret safe, grab your wall box, two 15 amp duplex outlet (white), and a jumbo duplex outlet wall plate.

Now watch the video below for step-by-step instructions to create your super-secret safe.

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