Video: Peter Schiff Confronts Crybaby Children Masquerading As Adults

ELDER PATRIOT – There’s just no reasoning with some people. Like impetuous children, a growing number of adults place their desire to get what they want ahead of the cost or penalty that is may bring to the person or people who are forced to pay for it. You won’t believe this video that was captured when Peter Schiff waded into a group of Occupy protesters while holding a microphone:

I’m immediately led to ask, who raised these fools? Is this the best that spending trillions of dollars on education can result in?

Instead of shouting over Mr. Schiff wouldn’t they have been better off listening and learning. But then, if they had done that earlier in their lives they wouldn’t be such childish fools now.

Shouting over smarter and more successful people is a recipe for continued failure. Worse, it exposes a level of stupidity for everyone else to see.

Personally, I think they shout over him because they don’t want to have to deal with the truth they would otherwise hear.