Video Proof Mainstream Media Is Deliberately Sabotaging Trump

The mainstream media has been dutifully attacking Donald Trump from every angle, doing the work of their corporate owners who are deathly afraid of a Trump presidency and how it might disrupt their gravy train.

They’ve done everything they can to paint Trump as espousing hatred and inciting violence even though the only violence and hatred evidenced at his rallies have come from the collection of life’s losers who have been organized by paid professional agitators to disrupt Trump’s events.

To their credit Trump and his followers are willing to challenge these cretins at the ballot box rather than cower and attempt to mollify them. It’s been decades of acquiescence to this intellectually and morally bankrupt crowd that has this country on the verge of collapse and is the reason that 58% of Americans are no longer comfortable in their own country.

Aside from the phony violence narrative the MSM has also fostered Ted Cruz’s claim that Trump attacked his wife in a tweet by threatening to “spill the beans of Heidi” that Cruz used to touch off the war between the two. Lyin’ Ted, desperate to look strong against Trump went into a tirade in defense of Heidi. Cruz’s disingenuous response was used by the MSM to discredit Trump. The timeline of events tell a different story.

Trump’s tweet came two weeks after Cruz sent his spokeswoman out to disparage Melania as the following video from March 8th shows.

Thirteen days later, on the eve of the Utah caucuses, a pro-Cruz PAC released the Facebook ad that attacked Melania Trump.


Only then did Donald Trump send his relatively innocuous tweet.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.59.51 AM

Lyin’ Ted reacted with righteous indignation – something he reserves only for himself – and the MSM supported Cruz’s phony dialogue and fake contention.

The question that the MSM has not wanted answered and so hasn’t asked is, “Given that you launched a pre-emptive attack against Melania Trump two weeks before the notorious Facebook ad was released, and given that the PAC that released it encouraged voters to cast their ballots for you, and given that your mommy protector Carly Fiorina shares the same P.O. box with the PAC in question, do you still claim that you had nothing to do with the Facebook ad?

Expect the scope and ferocity of the attacks to intensify as the ruling elites and the MSM that they own attempt to destroy Trump. A lesser man would’ve quit by now.

It’s become so blatantly obvious that there is no level Cruz won’t stoop to that a super PAC supporting John Kasich has now started using the moniker “Lyin’ Ted” in their latest ad.

Kasich has done everything he can to remain above the fray but there are times a man has to do what a man has to do. The ad declares, “If Ted Cruz’s mouth is moving, he’s lying.”

Now everyone except the MSM agrees he’s Lyin’ Ted.