Video Proof That College Should Be Free

ELDER PATRIOT – Parents of students attending Texas Tech will be questioning where their money is going after they view this short video.

It seems the only thing these students have learned for dropping anywhere between $26,000-38,000 of their parent’s money this year was learned from watching TV.

Texas Tech isn’t a school for challenged H.S. grads. It’s ranked seventh among the eighty-three universities in Texas. But, that really shouldn’t matter since any sixth grader should be able to answer these questions.

Sadly, this does not stand as an indictment of Texas Tech alone. Texas Tech is representative of schools throughout the United States that have been deliberately dumbed down and that have had courses of substantive value replaced by courses that teach emotional dependence and victimhood.


Clearly Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are in agreement with Thomas Jefferson on the importance of an educated citizenry. Jefferson embraced an educated citizenry where Sanders and Clinton fear it.

The ignorance on display throughout the video explains why Sanders and Clinton call for college to be free. Their intent on continuing our march towards Marxism requires as many useful idiots as our education system can produce and has its roots in the Communist Manifesto.